Vagabond Wines

A Success Story

An independent and award-winning wine bar and shop where you can enjoy 100 different wines by the sample, glass or bottle.

We talked with Stephen Finch – Founder and Director of Vagabond Wines, to see what issues they faced before Bizimply and what happens now.

The Challenge

“Before Bizimply, shift managers had the responsibility to record when all staff clocked in and out, along with their breaks, manually on a spreadsheet. From here we would transfer all this data to another spreadsheet that would be sent to our payroll company.”


“Needless to say this process was horrible, it was extremely prone to user error and bad data which resulted in higher labour costs for us. Almost 90% of the time these timesheets would be incomplete so I would have to spend my time running around getting our managers and employees to update these timesheets in time for payroll.”

"This process was hugely time consuming and just not viable for a company of our size."

— Stephan Finch, Founder & Director

The Solution

“Now Vagabond Wines managers use Bizimply to create, amend and publish all employee schedules. They honestly love Bizimply, it is a very rare thing to have all staff and managers 100% happy with a system. It saves each manager between 2-3 hours a week on scheduling alone. The photo control on time entry is superb and I can really trust the information that it is providing.”


It is especially good for us because we have staff who can work across multiple locations so being able to do this with a click of a button is hugely beneficial and time saving for us. I can see how each store is running day to day and see what problems are arising instead of waiting until the end of the month.

This means I can see which store is being overstaffed, understaffed or has too much overtime in almost real time. Again, it is a godsend for any Managing Director.

"It's a godsend for any Managing Director."

— Stephan Finch, Founder & Director

The Results

Bizimply has enabled us to get our labour costs to where they need to be. Without Bizimply this would be extremely hard to do. It has reduced our labour costs by 3% which is a huge saving for us as labour is one of our highest costs.


We are really happy with Bizimply. All departments find it extremely useful, from employees to Managing Directors. Honestly the one thing that really stands out from me is that you guys take it seriously and that you want to constantly improve the product.

Bizimply is by far and away the best tool on the market for scheduling and time and attendance.

“Bizimply is by far and away the best tool on the market for scheduling and time and attendance.”

Manage your hospitality or retail workforce with Bizimply and control the labour costs with ease.

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