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Carebrook LTD Ltd is one of Pret’s longest serving franchise partners, having worked with the business for 30 years, overseeing many shops in London, including Camden, Belsize Park and Finchley. Gerard Loughran, the majority co-owner, grew up in Nenagh, Co Tipperary, and has over 30 years’ experience in the UK and US food sector. 

Since opening the first shop in 1986, Pret’s mission has been simple. To serve freshly made food and good organic coffee, whilst also trying to do the right thing. That’s why their food is handmade in their shop kitchens throughout the day and anything they don’t sell goes to charity. Their coffee is 100% organic and is supportive of the next generation of farmers. It’s (partly) what the team at Pret, makes it special.

We caught up with Mikey, Operations Manager to see how they were getting on with Bizimply.

The Challenge

Setting up a new location in Dublin, Ireland, Mikey was advised to implement an employee management software. He got advice from friends in the industry, and a current customer of ours to look into Bizimply software.

After a demo and chat with Kevin from our Sales team, Mikey knew that Bizimply was the solution he required to assist in managing a new location and another team of 30 staff.

With the new location, Mikey wanted to implement best practices straight away. He wanted to have efficient scheduling, easy payroll for the finance team and he wanted a team that were fully engaged, productive and enjoyed coming to work. 

“Finding a solution that will get operational efficiency and performance off to a good start was a smoother process than I thought it would be. I was reassured when Bizimply were able to offer so much; workforce and time off management, sales and labour forecasting, shift log and a whole lot more.”


The Solution

Bizimply has provided a solution to Mikey’s original worries. 

He is able to schedule his staff efficiently. “I love the simplicity of creating a rota, I am able to colour code each position within the location and create popular shift times that suit this location. It makes it easier to look at and it becomes very clear if I need to put someone else on for a shift.” 

Mikey has full visibility and control over sales and labour costs;

“When I forecast the weekly schedules, Bizimply tells me the labour cost so I can see if we’re over-staffed and adjust accordingly.”

With time off management at Bizimply, staff can submit their time off with the MyZimply app or on the desktop app. “The approved time off requests automatically show up on the schedule, no staff can be scheduled for a shift they have booked off, meaning no adjustments are required once the schedule has been published. It saves us so much time!”

The Timestation has led to a more productive workforce;

“Staff are much more proactive as they have to take their own responsibility for clocking in at the right time for their shift on the Timestation so their correct hours are recorded.”

The clocked in and out hours of each employee are automatically pushed to the employees timecards, once approved these are sent straight to payroll in minutes. 

“The integrations with Bizimply are helping us become more agile, it identifies opportunities for optimising our performance and scaling strategies by automating these financial processes.”

Pret are currently using Ezora and Oracle to automate some of these areas of the business. 

Mikey is confident that Bizimply is going to be a great addition to the business and can already envision the positive changes it will bring to make every shift run like clockwork!

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