Multi-Location Management

Make standards consistent throughout your locations with our multi-location software.

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Multi Site Management

Ensure consistent standards throughout your multi location business

Designed for businesses with multiple locations, Bizimply helps businesses streamline standards consistently throughout each location.

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Regional Manager Access

Assign roles to your managers so they can get the best out of Bizimply too

Our software allows your managers to access the parts of Bizimply that will give them more control to perform their job well.

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“Communication is much more proactive. Implementing a hospitality scheduling software has been the best decision for our business.”

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Shift Log

Easy-to-use interactive shift-logs

Create an easily customisable shift-log so you can keep up to date with the important information your business needs after every shift. 

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Employee Management

Everything you need to build the Optimum Schedule.

Set a target labour cost % of sales and make sure you’re on budget from the start.

Our multi-location management software makes it easier to manage your business data, scheduling employees, managing employee holiday request and leave management. It helps to improve communications across locations and puts the manager in control. Why wouldn’t you want the number one multi-location management software?

What is multi-location management software? 

Multi-location management is a strategy that enables your managers to be in control of all of your locations using a single, customisable platform that can be accessed from anywhere.

Bizimply’s multi-location software is designed for shift-based businesses with multiple locations and helps businesses streamline standards consistently throughout each location. 

Are you managers overseeing more than one location? Then they need Bizimply so they can ensure that each location is running smoothly. It ensures they are meeting their KPI’s;  sales, forecasts, labour and wage cost control and others. 

  1. Gain a complete overview of all your regions and locations all from one powerful dashboard in your Bizimply account. This will allow you to manage your employees, gather reports and download for all locations to review performance and control groups and permissions across the multiple locations.
  2. Deeper data analysis – the more data you have, the more you can review your business performance and identify areas you can improve. Focusing on these areas that require improvement will see an increase in revenue, improved employee engagement and productivity and overall satisfaction from both customers and employees. Have a look at your key insights and get an overview on the dashboard. Download multi-location reports to share with other managers or supervisors. Review these on a yearly or quarterly basis to prevent any crisis from occurring . 
  3. Improved scheduling – when it comes to shared employees it can difficult without a software to see whether they have already been scheduled for another location, especially if there is more than one manager completing schedules in different locations. With Bizimply you can eliminate error prone rotas as it will show on the schedule employees who have already been scheduled for another shift in a different location. One small change like this can make a huge impact for your managers and for your business overall as operations are more efficient. 
Bizimply accounts have an integrated Shift Log where you can digitally log notes and comments on certain shifts so all managers are kept up to date. This could be information that they need to know about the previous shift or the oncoming shift and keeps everyone in the loop. \

Easily access your data from anywhere and begin to look into a network of integrated solutions for your business. Once analysis has been completed, you have the flexibility to make changes in your Bizimply account settings that will help you improve your business performance to help the business grow and adapt to the business requirements. 

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