Workforce Management
Made Simple

Build your rosters in minutes. Let your employees clock in via the time clock app.


Save an average of 5-10 hours per week with our simplified scheduling and digital timesheets!

Drag and drop

Create and cost error-free rotas in minutes. Schedule staff by location, department and position.

Track Time
& Attendance

Say goodbye to buddy punching and time theft with Bizimply’s photo-verified and GPS Clock-In solutions.

Payroll Ready

With Bizimply you can cost timesheets and send them to your payroll software and run your payroll, in minutes.

Mobile Apps

Employee and manager apps for receiving real time schedule, attendance and shift information.

GPS clock - In

Let employees remotely clock-in and out using their mobile device with Bizimply’s GPS-enabled mobile app.

Pre Shift Checklists

Allow team members to easily complete a questionnaire before they begin their shift.

Bizimply was so handy and easy to use – it’s now the first tool I use in the morning and the last one I use in the evening.

Kieran Gallagher

Operations Manager - Golden Disc

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An All-In-One Workforce Management Software

Make payday a breeze with easy payroll integration

Prepare your timesheets without a calculator and save hours every payroll period.

Set up a time clock on an iPad in minutes

Say goodbye to paper timesheets and time theft with Bizimply’s photo-verified clock ins and automated timesheets.

Smarter Schedules - Happier Employees

Remove manual processes and take the guesswork out of managing overtime costs.
scheduling software


Capture precise time and attendance

Get a live view of who is clocked in or out and who is running late, across all locations.


GPS Time Clock App for Employees

See who is working in what department and which location

gps time tracking app


Scheduling your team has never been easier

Create and publish rota’s in minutes – even plan ahead for weeks at a time

“I love being able to see the overall labour costs, labour sales % for each store for each day. That for me is brilliant.”

Lisa Quinlan

Owner - The Rolling Donut

Are you looking for ways to simplify your employee scheduling? Then look no further because Bizimply has the perfect solution for you!

With Bizimply you can simply manage your teams’ schedules, timesheets, communication, tasks, time off and more all within your Bizimply account. 

We are an award winning software company created by those who have experience in the industry. So don’t worry we understand your challenges and can completely sympathise with you! We’ve put in the shifts, struggled with creating rotas and figuring out overtime and time off calculations; the list goes on. This is why we have created the tools that will help you streamline and improve your business operations. As well as all that, Bizimply is a simple tool to use – that’s one of the many things people love about us. 

So what’s the benefits?

When it comes to Scheduling we wanted to make it plain and simple so that it can be done in minutes (and if you run a larger organisation with lots of employees and locations you can get it done within the hour). Our scheduling feature allows you to create popular shifts so you don’t have to manually input shift times each week. When you create popular shifts, you can simply drag and drop these shifts onto the schedule and that’s you starting to build out your rota! Each shift can be colour coded; either by position or by popular shift. This makes it easy for Managers to identify an employee’s role or the department they are working in and ensures they have the right people in the right place at the right time. Once your schedule is built, all you have to do is publish and send out to your staff which can be emailed or sent out to the employee MyZimply App so they are able to access it anytime, anywhere. 

When it comes to tracking the Time and Attendance of your staff, Bizimply have created the ideal solution. Employees can clock in and out via the Bizimply Timestation app; all you need is an iPad! Each individual employee is given their own unique pin that is completely confidential and emailed out to them at the Managers discretion. When employees attend work for their shift, all they have to do is enter their pin on the iPad (which we recommend putting up on a wall, somewhere safe and secure) the software will take a quick snapshot of them and they get on with their day. Staff can use the Timestation to track their break and to clock out at the end of their shift too – all with the one unique pin. The photo capture feature is our customers favourite, it’s provides a bit of fun as staff can pull a funny face and it prevents any buddy punching!

These clock in and out times of your staff will automatically send straight through to the employees Timecards which are accessed by Managers within the Bizimply account. All Managers have to do is approve the timecard and send these over to Payroll: trust us, it only takes minutes to do! You’ll be surprised of all the extra time you will have on your hands to focus on other areas of the business and be on the floor with your team!

Do you struggle with managing your staffs holiday requests and Unavailability? Bizimply’s leave management process is so simple you’ll be wondering why you never made the digital switch sooner. Employees can request Time off and submit their Unavailability in multiple places; the MyZimply app and the desktop app. Once they put in their specified requests, Managers are then notified and prompted on the dashboard within the locations account to approve or deny the request. If approved, the employees Time off request or Unavailability will automatically show up on the rota so they won’t be scheduled when they are unavailable to work.

This eliminates any paper trails, lost time off requests or searching through messages to see who requested time off week on week.

Standardising your practices keeps you compliant and accountable within your organisation. Making the switch to digital will leave behind the endless searching for documents in files and cabinets, it ditches having to carry around lots of paperwork and it means you can quickly find any document easily. Store all employee documents in each of their profiles; CV’s, working visas, training certificates and have it all to hand.

Are your staff often up for Training programmes? Our digital training tracking software means your staff will never miss important training again. On each employees profile you can input the training they have already done and also add in any training that is due to be completed. When training is due within thirty days, there will be a notification reminder on the dashboard to ensure you don’t forget! Training is essential so your employees have the right skills and upkeep of skills to thrive within your business. It creates a consistent level of service within your business when all employees undergo the same training, it also makes it easier for sharing staff across locations. Staff can walk into another location for a shift and get stuck into work with minimal questions asked. Bizimply’s training card function will highlight how your employees performed on each course or training they completed.

Don’t take our word for it. See for yourself.

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“Its like going from black and white to colour”

Jim Smith

Operations Director at SIM TRAVA