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Time Clock app; keep track of your employee attendance with ease.

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The #1 Time Clock App

Accurately monitor and track employee attendance. View real-time attendance data across your business and in all locations in one place. 

pre shift checklists

Now with pre-shift Questionnaires

Allow team members to easily complete a pre-shift questionnaire on the Bizimply clock-in app. 

Web clock in


Clock in from your laptop

PC-Based Clocking System enables employees to easily and securely manage their time and attendance directly from their desktop.


GPS Time Clock App for Employees

See who is working when and where

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Bizimply is a real godsend to streamline everything in the one place.”

Nick Freeman

Area Manager - Amber Oil

Record Live Attendance

With Bizimply’s free Time Clock App, employees can easily clock in and out at the touch of a button – in-store, remotely or on their phones. Our intuitive solution immediately uploads live attendance info to the cloud so that managers can see who’s in and who’s late at a glance.

Verify Records Fast

Managers can easily check clock-in data on Bizimply’s web app. Our photo-based and GPS clock in prevents employees from creating inaccurate time records, causing time theft. You can export attendance data quickly for payroll, saving you more time so to put your focus on other areas of the business. 

Bizimply Time Clock App; for simple and effective time and attendance tracking.

Our Time Clock App for iPad is easy to install, and easy to use by employees and managers. Each employee uses a unique easy to remember PIN to clock in. Our app correlates with our main software, giving managers live attendance records. 


Manage employees remotely with GPS clock in

Ensure trust between employer and remote employees with accurate location-based clock in that securely tracks employees working at home or on the move.


Shield your workplace from COVID-19

Allow team members to easily complete a pre-shift questionnaire on the Bizimply Time  Clock app. Our solution is best for recording symptoms, gathering temperature information and completing “fit to work” questionnaires. 

Customise the questionnaire to ask the questions you feel necessary. Monitor satisfaction levels of employees. 


Easy web clock in for remote workers

With so many employees currently working from home, we’ve built a clock in solution designed for remote workers. Employees can simply sign into our web app to clock in as normal.


From clocking in to payroll in just a few clicks

Managers can track breaks, adjust clock-in times and more with attendance data that is immediately shown in our timesheet software within your account. Managers can approve and adjust timecards before exporting to payroll at the click of a button!


Sync records instantly with location time cards.


Ensure labour law compliance and statutory employment record keeping requirements are met. Managers can quickly edit timecards when employees forget to clock in or out. Warnings on excessive breaks.

How the Time Clock app works:

Sign into the Bizimply App with the owner or manager’s email address and password, and then employees can clock in and out with the time clock using their personalised pin. It’s that simple!


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