Simply A Complete Workforce Operations Platform

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Simply A Complete Workforce Operations Platform

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The All-In-One Business Management Platformfor Retail & Hospitality

Picture this...

Nothing goes unnoticed.

You will always be aware of how each location is performing, every hour of every day. Nothing will go unnoticed. The information is in your pocket.


You trust your team is efficient.

Your management team will have a reduced workload, giving them the time to make positive changes and do the jobs they are best at.


You smash your targets.

Every schedule and every shift performance will be optimised so that you smash your sales targets.


You’re confident about compliance.

Your employee data will be in one, consolidated and secure place. The risk of breaching GDPR or labour law compliance will be greatly reduced.


Your team love their job.

Your staff will engage with customers. They will share positive posts on social media. They will show initiative and focus during shifts.


You make better decisions.

You have live visibility into the day-to-day running of every location allowing you to be proactive rather than reactive, helping you make better decisions every day.


"It's like going from black & white to HD. It's fantastic."

Jim Smith, Operations Director @ Sim Trava (Costa Coffee Franchisee)

Sim Trava Case Study

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