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Bizimply’s rota software is a real godsend to streamline everything in the one place.”

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GPS Time Clock App for Employees

See who has clocked in for their shift and which location.

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Rota-building is an incredibly repetitive and expensive manual process that is greatly simplified by rota software designed for shift-based businesses. Bizimply offer a full range of features designed to save you time and money for your business. From drag-and-drop scheduling to automatically sharing your rota with your team, Bizimply saves your managers hours every week in lost time with a digital rota solution.

Control your biggest variable cost with Bizimply – rota management. Drag and drop popular shifts directly on to the schedule or copy a previous week template rota. Share staff across multiple schedules and locations. Easily manage shift changes & communication, and add shift notes for individual or all employees.

A better employee scheduling experience is just a click away. Your team is immediately notified of their shifts when the rota is published or updated. Send shift notes to employees and allow employees to update their personal profile. Now featuring GPS clock-in!

Bizimply’s rota software was designed specifically for retail, hospitality, care and many other industries that run on shifts. 

Rotas are designed to aid your businesses to run as efficiently as possible. Ensuring you havethe right amount of experienced staff, in the right location to willingly align with the businesses’ goals and objectives. Your work schedules may vary across different locations or different industries, as well as across the different seasons. Having a workforce management software like Bizimply provides you with the ability to adapt your schedule whatever the reason. It’s common that if your business operates over a certain length of time, this is when you focus on shift based scheduling. 

If you’re spending too much time creating your rotas, you will soon realise the valuable time you could be exerting elsewhere in your business. Whether this is on the floor with staff, training your team, greeting customers or other other operational duties that need to be fulfilled. 

Building schedules within a software will help businesses around the world be organised, save money, maximise productivity of staff, give their employees a more flexible work-life balance, and significantly reduce errors. A schedule becomes much more than a table of data when it is key for optimal business performance.

Wouldn’t it be better for your business if you could build, fill, manage, and measure best-fit schedules that enable you to meet goals and objectives, all without overspending your labour budget? This is where Bizimply can help you out!

There are two aspects to scheduling: the routine and the strategic. 

The key to saving money is making the routine of scheduling staff, and subsequently tweaking schedules, easy and intuitive. This helps ensure you and your managers get the visibility of what is going on in your business. This then leads to an understanding (the strategic), so you can make smart decisions on your schedule. The trick is to deploy as few staff as possible, and as many as are necessary.

Are your labour patterns matching sales patterns? It is worth taking time to identify the reasons why things go quiet in your business. 

How to get the most out of your scheduling and do it better with Bizimply…

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail – As a business owner you should always be planning and looking forward when it comes to scheduling, a proactive approach means you can handle any issues that may suddenly arise for example; staff absenteeism, you want to manage problems in the most efficient and professional way. At Bizimply we are all about having the right people in the right place at the right time. 

Automated scheduling – Organisations who implement automated scheduling systems are more than twice as likely as organisations without automated scheduling to provide self-service access to employees. This is an important factor in improving employee engagement and also contributes to schedule accuracy. These organisations are also more than four times more likely to use dashboard tools that can share workforce management data with managers. The Bizimply workforce and labour data dashboards help managers gain insight into the business performance and can understand how the labour budget is spent, in turn this data can be used to help with future labour forecasting.

Control labour spend with effective scheduling – Scheduling software like Bizimply makes it easier for you to build accurate schedules that ensure you have the right amount of staff available and can cover anticipated demand. That way, you can minimise having extra staff scheduled, stop being over reliant on contract workers, and decrease overtime pay which can be the reason your labour costs can be too high.

Measure schedule effectiveness to drive improvements -With the opportunity to pull Reports on Bizimply, it simplifies your scheduling process even more. You have the ability to review previous schedules, measure how effective they were and use this information to enhance the next schedule you create. You can also pinpoint areas where you overspent by examining available budgets versus actual report data. With the scheduled SPLH and Gross Labour costs features, it gives you even deeper insight into these costs as you build your schedule.

Bizimply’s reporting software makes it easy to generate detailed reports on almost any data in your core HR system with just a few clicks.

Optimisation plays a crucial part in any business and smart scheduling gives you the power to choose how to optimise your business. So, what does optimisation look like?

The right data, the right people, the right tools -Optimising labour costs is best managed from the top down with an investment in technology that enables operators. When companies invest in the right technology to measure incoming data, success will follow when used right. Best practices can be more easily shared across multiple locations when there is a deeper insight into data available. If one location consistently reaches and manages labour targets whilst other locations underperform that can be leveraged.

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