Rota Software for Shift-Based Businesses

Ensure that you have the right person in the right place at the right time.

Restaurant Workforce Management Software


A complete rota management solution.

Rota-building is an incredibly repetitive and expensive manual process that is greatly simplified by rota software designed for shift-based businesses. Bizimply offer a full range of features designed to save you time and money for your business. From drag-and-drop scheduling to automatically sharing your rota with your team, Bizimply saves your managers hours every week in lost time with a digita rota solution.


Build perfect rotas in a few clicks.

Control your biggest variable cost with Bizimply – rota management. Drag and drop popular shifts directly on to the schedule or copy a previous week template rota. Share staff across multiple schedules and locations. Easily manage shift changes & communication, and add shift notes for individual or all employees.


Publish schedules instantly to your staff.

A better employee scheduling experience is just a click away. Your team is immediately notified of their shifts when the rota is published or updated. Send shift notes to employees and allow employees to update their personal profile. Now featuring GPS clock-in!

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Bizimply simplifies workforce management for multisite restaurants, optimising the entire people journey from scheduling to payroll preparation with an all-in-one cloud-based solution.

“Bizimply has gifted us complete control over our people and business operations in all locations.”

Prue Freeman

FOUNDER, Daisy Green

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The Benefits

“We get a very good visual on where people are, and what the costs are. When I’m not at work, I can see who’s working, who’s clocked in – it gives me great peace of mind.”

Sarah Baker

Director, Cloughjordan House

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rota software is a specialised tool that helps managers determine who and when works for a business during a specific time period. It is important to share with team members as they will refer to it to understand when their shift starts and ends.


Rota management is the same as shift planning—a list showing when employees have to do their job.


Traditionally, rota creation is a very manual process that can cause a lot of headaches for general managers, the main issue being that it is a repetitive process that is prone to human error. Any shift swaps or cancellations prove time-consuming and annoying to correct. That’s why Bizimply’s automated and real-time digital rota software is designed to streamline and take the confusion out of regular rota-building!

Shift rotas are accessible to team members by email or via Bizimply’s web portal. This allows for quicker and more effective communication across your business. Managing multiple schedules, payroll, and other HR tasks can be a pain, particularly in large scale businesses - that’s why we built Bizimply to make every shift run like clockwork.

Building rotas is as easy as the click of a button on Bizimply! Managers can drag and drop shifts or copy rota templates and see a breakdown of their team’s scheduled labour hours as well as cost. Each team member will receive a copy of any rota they have been scheduled for by email upon rota publication. Once the rota has been set live, team members can log into Bizimply’s online web portal to check their shifts or clock in remotely if desired, while managers can view live attendance information for an operational insight as to how the day is going.

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