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Wednesday 14th of June 2023, 11:30 am

Bizimply Basics

During this webinar Gen from our Product Team will talk you through:

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Customer Success Manager


Customer Success Manager



Customer Success Manager

Kasia Izak Bizimply

Kasia Izak

Customer Success Manager

New Salary Calculation

Watch to see the four salary calculation options that Bizimply offers.

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Forecasting Masterclass

Learn how to optimize your workforce planning, scheduling, and capacity utilization with expert-led training and practical exercises.

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Learn how to utilise a single customisable Human Resource platform that responds to your unique people management needs to simplify employee management and ensure compliance. 

Bizimply Basics

Watch to see what apps Bizimply have and how to utilise them. Do business from anywhere, on the go!

Mobile Apps and Shift Log

Learn how to best use your MyZimply Employee App and the Bizimply Manager App as well as learning how you can set up and manage your Shift Log.

Scheduling Masterclass

Find out the best ways to utilise your schedule, how our features work and how you can share schedules with your staff. 

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The Six Tenets of Agile Hospitality

Tune in for discussion around the principles & approach leading hospitality operators use for building an agile business.

Scheduling & Productivity Workshop

Did you miss this workshop?

Catch up here!

The interactive workshop includes; educational content, tips and tricks, guided activities and Q&A’s with Sean. 

Sean helped many walk away with a deeper understanding of how to use their business data to make smarter business decisions. It’s not too late for you!

Check out these free resources:

The Ultimate Guide to Scheduling

Controlling Your Labour Costs

Featured Podcast


Training Priorities in 2023

Tune in to the CHM Podcast, with our CEO; Conor Shaw, on Training Priorities in 2023 for the Care sector:

  • The use of apprentices to fill skill gaps and bring in new talent and ideas
  • How the Pandemic changed care homes’ approach to training
  • How good training can lift the mood and morale
  • Why the cheapest option is rarely the best option

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