Operations Management

Run a paperless workplace with checklists, shift logs and more.

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Achieve operational excellence

Manager's Log Book

Keep up to date with the important information your business needs after every shift.

Daily tasks Lists

Create opening and closing shift task lists and get alerted as soon as they are completed

Document Management

Store all your documents in a safe, cloud- based system, keeping you compliant and up to date.

Sales & Labour Hours Forecasting

Base your labour hours forecasts on target sales and measure these against scheduled hours.

Supplier & Equipment Records

Keep records of the equipment that keeps your business running in case any issues arise.

Regional Manager Views & Location Groups

View individual and combined location operational information and group by region.

checklist app

Checklist App

Complete your goals with Bizimply's Daily Task Lists

Get notified on your phone when the tasks you assigned for your teams have been completed.

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Your Operations Dashboard

Our dashboard provides valuable insights into the day-to-day operations and allows you to be proactive in keeping your labour sales percentage on track.

See what a tailor-made, customisable Operations suite looks like.

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Visibility and control has never been easier with Bizimply’s Shift and Operations management software

Ultimately, Operations Management software makes sure that your business operations, whether delivering a service or selling a product, is effective and efficient! Your organisation’s business processes are streamlined in order for your managers to have everything under control, while delivering the best possible results. This is also known as “operational efficiency.”

With Bizimply you can easily track your overall operational performance, all at once. Get the visibility and labour insights you require to make the right decisions for your business and your team.

Bizimply’s customer data tells us that we can help them to reduce their labour costs by 10%, depending on the size of your business, number of employees and the number of locations. Any reduction is a success in our eyes!

Our Operations suite is suitable for all industries; hospitality, retail, care etc., so why not start today and track your labour. With complete visibility all in one centralised dashboard you will be able to get an overview of your overall operational health, deeper insight to your metrics by location and begin identifying trends. 

What are the main features within the Operations Suite?

Managers Log book; keep up to date with the important information your business needs after every shift. Shift handovers without using a Shift Log only means one thing, those starting on the next are completely unaware of what happened on the previous shift. This could be anything from jobs to still be completed or even customer requests. It will lead to an unorganised shift and in some cases it could result in unplanned downtime and cause disruption to the workplace. 

Daily Task lists; ensure your teams complete their tasks assigned every day, from opening checklists to cashing up procedures. It will ensure nothing will be missed and keep your staff productive.  Schedule tasks, from every day to weekly stock-takes and begin to standardise your operations. Document Management; store all your documents in a safe, cloud based system, keeping you compliant and up to date. With our Sales and Labour Hours forecasting tool you can base your labour hours forecasts on target sales and measure these against scheduled hours. Instantly get access to top line view of the important numbers in your business; sales, labour costs percentages, Sales per labour hour, projections and more. These are important to keep your business afloat and stay ahead of the competition. 

Keep the record straight with our Supplier and Equipment records; ever had a time when a piece of equipment broke but you couldn’t remember who supplied or when it was last service? Inputting all service and maintenance records into Bizimply means you can have all this information at hand whenever you need it. It reduces paperwork and improves communications.

Our Regional Manager views and Location groups ​​enables users to view individual and combined location operational information and group by region. Regional Manager views allow your team to focus on specific locations to find out what’s going on in further detail. Ensuring that operations are running efficiently across your multi-location business and you can flag any issues as soon as you identify them. 

Let’s dive into more detail and see how these can help to streamline your operational performance!

Making use of Manager Log books can improve communication between different teams and departments within an organisation, whether it is within one location or multiple locations.

Providing each employee with a shift run down will allow them to feel more at ease and ready for the shift ahead; especially around busier seasons. The Manager log book will automatically update with new information when it gets reported by any team member. This information is extremely useful and will improve communications greatly across teams and locations. 

Employees, when given access can view and comment on the shift log, they can clarify any requests or questions asked which streamlines the process. Managers and supervisors can instantly report any events that took place during their shifts. It doesn’t have to be all bad, managers can log a great shift too! This way they can review what they did well and maintain this level of service. 

Digital shift logs also increase productivity in the workplace and reduce any unplanned downtime.  Is it essential your staff are aware of any non-routine events or requests in order for shifts to run smoothly, even something as simple as a party of 15 are coming in for a birthday so they want balloons and have dropped in a cake! Automated action tracking ensures that this can be completed efficiently and the customer is happy with the service as their requests are fulfilled. These automated alerts also make it easy to identify any incomplete tasks that need following up. 

With Bizimply, the Shift Log is completely customisable to fit your needs. Set standards within the company and create a smooth handover process for incoming managers. With Shift Logs you can get the information you and your team need to see on a daily basis and get live updates on desktop or mobile devices; anywhere on the go!

Employee Task Lists and why are they important? Usually created and assigned by the manager or supervisor, an employee task list is the list of tasks that should be fulfilled by the employee for the duration of their shift. Sometimes bigger tasks will take a number of shifts to complete, other tasks are more everyday and can be completed in one shift. It gives the employee guidance as to what they should be doing, why they are doing it and instructions on how to complete the assigned tasks. It is particularly useful for new employees. It is extremely useful for your managers too, this way they know that employees are staying on top of their workload, being efficient in the workplace and instilling a routine in them that encourages productivity whilst on shift. 

All these features and more will have your operations running like clockwork. Going digital will save so much time and ensure you are on the right path; achieving excellence and managing a workforce that elicits high standards and levels of service. Create a productive and engaged workforce who will love working with you because you have everything under control!

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