Human Resource Management
Made Simple

Human Resource Software, specifically designed for Frontline Staff


Share the management of frontline HR across HQ, area and store level

leave Management

Allow employees to request time off from their employee portal and managers will get notifications and can approve requests.

Onboarding Checklists

Complete the steps needed to onboard each employee and send relevant documents to HR.

Employee Records

Store all important documents in one centralised system such as employment history & references.


Send and receive legally binding, signed documents with our Hello Sign Integration.

Training Cards

Create records of training completed by each member of staff and get notified when they are due for renewal.

Engagement Survey

Gain valuable insight and feedback on each shift by asking employees how their day was. Use this to optimise and make changes where necessary.

Bizimply’s HR Platform has enabled us to stay compliant in the workplace. We can safely store all employee documents on the system.

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human resources software


Reports For Every Situation

Bizimply’s reporting software makes it easy to generate detailed reports on almost any data in your core HR system with just a few clicks.


Approve and Manage Time Off Requests

See how you can improve employee relations and retain staff with an easy to use HR management platform.

Discover for yourself why Bizimply is a world leader in Human Resource Management.

Managaing Labour Law Compliance 

Stay in line with working time regulations

Compliance with government regulations governing labour laws and data protection can seem a complex task. To ensure you are not left in a difficult position, use Bizimply to avoid the investigations and fines that result from being in breach of working regulations.

Keep employee information safe

Bizimply helps with the statutory employment record keeping that employers are required to keep to demonstrate that employees are receiving their proper entitlements. With Bizimply, you can easily store records for each employee for the required 3 years.

Track holidays accurately

Bizimply’s HR platform can make sure your team are getting the correct holidays they are owed. You can use Bizmply to record hours worked, time off taken and holiday hours accrued.

Don’t take our word for it. See for yourself.


HR software is a human resources software solution that brings a number of systems together to help small and large businesses manage their employees and their data.

It can be referred to as Human Resources Software, HR platform, HRIS system, or HR management software. But to keep it simple, at Bizimply, we call it a HR platform.

  • Bizimply’s Human Resource platform empowers managers and supervisors to capture, process and use your business information so you can keep your teams engaged and efficient.
  • Automate your document workflows within your organisation, and protect data and documents with secure cloud based software.
  • With an onboarding software like Bizimply in place, it will help you take care and manage all the mundane tasks for your new member of staff.
  • From organising and submitting endless documents and sending these to be signed.
  • The first few days of onboarding are always a challenge but our onboarding checklists will ensure you’ve got it all covered.
  • Send documents to be signed by employees, organise and store all documents and forms in our cloud based system so they are secure!
  • Collaborate with your team to ensure all tasks and requirements have been completed for new hires to ensure a smooth first day.
  • Give your new hire an onboarding process that becomes hard to forget and gives good insight to how your workplace is run; professionally and efficiently.
  • Getting your employee onboarding right will set your culture right and set standards for your new hire.
  • With Bizimply, life becomes so much easier.
  • Admin is quickly automated, employees can self-serve by inputting their own leave requests, and because we are cloud based, you can access all of your centralised data and download reports anytime, anywhere.
  • Within our HR platform, we have a range of features that will help to improve and optimise your operations. Within the platform you can manage
  • Onboarding checklists, ensuring the right steps are done to onboard each employee properly and sending the relevant documents to HR.
  • Keep employee records up to date and secure; store all of your employees documents within the system such as CVs, training records and references. 
  • Our Issues, Notes and Documents section enables your managers to stay compliant, tracking any shift issues or providing managers on the next shift with important updates.
  • Training employees is important so they have the skills to fulfil the role. 
  • Our Training cards feature creates records of training completed by each member of staff. This could be Health and Safety training, HACCP, wine pairing etc. Managers are notified on the dashboard when they are due for renewal 30 days before so they can organise their staff for the next training.
  • Manage your employees time off requests through our HR platform. Manage all leave types across all your locations and roles.
  • Finally, our Engagement Survey allows managers at each location to gain valuable insights and feedback from employees on each shift by asking employees how their day was. Use this to optimise and be aware of where you could make changes if necessary in the workplace. 
  • All feedback is anonymous, therefore all feedback will be valuable and beneficial for improvements.
  • One single customisable system to run your entire HR operations!
  • Holiday management becomes straightforward when you have instant access to the time-off request, an employee self-serve app, and a central team schedule.
  • Get a complete overview of the holidays requested or the unavailability submitted by each employee.
  • All managers need to do is approve or deny the holiday requests.
  • Once approved, these will automatically show up on the rota to show that the employee is off, meaning they can’t be accidentally scheduled for a shift.
  • This saves having to go back and readjust the schedule, or trying to find cover elsewhere. Streamlining the leave management process. 
  • Do you have multiple paid time off policies or leave types?
  • Create custom time-off policies that accrue automatically. With our customisable feature it will benefit if your policies differ across each of your locations Employees will enjoy using the MyZimply app to send holiday requests. Within employee profiles and health reports, you can monitor sick leaves and absences.
  • Allow your workforce feel in control – both employees and managers, give HR admins more time to focus on strategic initiatives.
  • With the MyZimply employee app, your staff are empowered to book and manage their own time-off, this allows your managers to focus on other HR issues and tasks that need completed.
  • Administration can overpower your workforce. Provide your team with the right HR software.
  • Delegate managers to approve their own team’s time-off requests and push your business forward. Have your HR department make the switch to digital and improve business’s processes today.

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