Onboarding Checklists

Simplify onboarding and team training with Bizimply's document management.

Employee Onboarding

Simplify employee onboarding

Set your team members up for success from the beginning with Bizimply’s employee onboarding. 

Staff Induction Pack

Onboard staff without the paperwork

Bizimply’s staff induction pack helps your new team members start strong. Our online onboarding processes encourage new hires to interact with your existing team so they can easily start work.

Onboarding Management

Onboard staff without the paperwork

Provide checklists, document onboarding, and allow your team to upload their documents using their mobile device.

Restaurant opening checklist

“Bizimply also gives us an instant view of how we’re doing on sales by restaurant and labour hours, and helps us to forecast upcoming needs.”

Victoria Hardy

Operations Manager, Daisy Green

Onboarding Hospitality

HR tech helps Australian style eatery take off - Daisy Green and Bizimply

Onboarding Checklist

Automate onboarding so employees can hit the ground running.