Training Cards

Improve your team's skills with digital training tracking software.


Quickly and easily train your employees

Your employees will never miss the essential training they need to help your business thrive with the Bizimply Training Card feature

Employee Training Card


Create a consistent service level in all your locations

Create records of all training completed by your employees as part of their HR Profile.

Onboarding Management

Ensure Team Members Receive Essential Training

Ensure that your team don’t miss important food safety, first aid training, or manual handling training with Bizimply’s Training Card feature. The Training Card feature also helps your team upskill and reskill.

“Having all the employee records on a centralised platform meant we could do away with spreadsheets and endless pieces of paper.”

Omar Chagani

Managing Director, Soar Group

Training Hospitality

HR tech helps Costa franchisee track staff training - Soar Group and Bizimply

Training Cards

Easy team training software.