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Bizimply provides timecard integration solution.

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Bizimply Timesheets

Capture precise time and attendance

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First and foremost your managers and supervisors will love the ease-of-use on Bizimply’s timesheets within their location. Bizimply makes it extremely easy for your managers to know exactly how many hours each employee has worked every week without any inaccuracies as they come straight from our Time and Attendance system.

Bizimply’s timesheet software helps your managers easily compare scheduled hours against actual clocked in hours and paid hours. This data is useful for future projections and demand planning. 

The software allows you to customise and create rules so you can handle early and late clock in and clock outs. With this automated process it means you don’t have to worry about overtime, holiday or other paid absences when it comes to Payroll. 

Bizimply allows your managers to quickly identify discrepancies and trends in your timesheets, including information on late arrivals, early exits, break times.

Use this deeper insight and understanding to make the necessary changes or address any issues that should not be occurring within your organisation. 

Unsure of staff holiday entitlements?

Bizimply’s Holiday Calculator will calculate staff holiday entitlement, using our holiday entitlement calculator to calculate holiday entitlement for a full leave year, or part of a leave year, if the job started or finished part way through the year. We’re making it simple for you! 

Bizimply allows you to lock your timesheets at the end of every week, which are only editable by the account admin. Bizimply doesn’t just save your business from costly timesheet mistakes: it also gives employees confidence that they’re paid correctly every time. Bizimply allows you to store all your employee documents in one place with our HR suite. Our exports work with multiple payroll companies and accounting software services including, ADP, Sage and Xero.

Why not start today and make payday a breeze with easy payroll integration. Integrate with dozens of different payroll solutions. Import hours via CSV or API. Eliminate the double-entry of data and ensure your staff are paid accurately and on time.

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