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The competition may be fierce, but Camile is one of the best Asian restaurants around. Camile means “perfection” in French and that’s what they strive for in their authentic Asian cooking.

We caught up with Shabu, Camile’s Group Financial Controller and Lindsey, the Manager of Camile’s Pearse Street branch to see just how Bizimply has changed the way they communicate with and manage their workforce on a daily basis.


Interview with Shabu Mani and lindsey Dowling

Hi Shabu & Lindsey, thanks for meeting today. Could you tell us what you were previously using for scheduling, time & attendance and workforce management?

S – We were using Excel spreadsheets for scheduling and forecasting. Each restaurant was manually recording staff hours.

L – Exactly, each employee would receive their rotas over the phone and then they would take pictures of the printed out schedules.

What challenges led you to look for a solution like Bizimply?

S – Our restaurant managers were sending schedules and forecasts to area managers or operations managers to get approval. Once it was approved, the actual communication of the schedule with staff would always produce problems. This process was taking our unit managers mass amounts of valuable time each week.

L – Scheduling each week was a very time consuming process as Shabu said, also trying to get employee timecards 100% right was difficult as employees would just check in and out for shifts and breaks via pen and paper. This was a problem as we had no way of knowing if these were the correct times or if empolyees were buddy punching.


How did you get started with Bizimply?

S – To be honest, my boss Brody Sweeney mentioned Bizimply initially, then I contacted Martin at Bizimply to see what the next steps were.

Did Bizimply make an impact on your business immediately?

S – Yes, we saw savings straight away on our labour costs. It also significantly reduced the time it would normally take to run our payroll each week.

L – It has reduced our labour costs by simply ensuring employee cards are 100% accurate. This doesn’t include the hours it saves me preparing employee schedules each week.

What have you found particularly useful?

S – There are many features of Bizimply I found useful. It is extremely easy to monitor staff breaks along with being user-friendly. Our employees find the app very useful for checking weekly schedules and it is extremely simple to upload timesheets to our payroll software.

L – Bizimply has really saved me a lot of hassle in terms of knowing when employees are scheduled to be in and also trying to monitor their breaks throughout the day. It has also made shift swapping between staff on the same levels extremely easy as I know straight away when I login which employees can swap with each other.

If you couldn’t use Bizimply in the morning what would you miss the most?

L – I would miss the fact that I can simply go online from any device at any time and create and approve schedules for multiple locations. Previously, I had to access an excel spreadsheet that would only be available on the computer in each location. It really streamlines everything.

It would be so difficult to go back to timesheets and pen and paper after Bizimply. When I go to weekly and monthly meetings I am completely confident about my numbers and forecasts thanks to Bizimply, it really has cut out errors and discrepancies.

Would you recommend Bizimply to other businesses?

L – Yes of course, in fact I have already recommended it to a number of family members who are in the restaurant and bar industries.

Thanks for talking with us today. Is there anything you would say to other businesses who may be interested in using Bizimply?

S – It is so important that we can compare actuals & budget whenever we want. Sending staff between multiple locations is very easy with Bizimply. Wages are calculated on the basis of actual hours worked which helps control labor costs on a weekly basis. The beauty of Bizimply is it can be used anywhere from any device. Thank you for all the support we are getting, everyone in Camile loves using Bizimply.


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