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Reasons why Bizimply is the number one solution to manage leave in your workplace. 

Holiday management becomes straightforward when you have instant access to the time-off requests, an employee self-serve app, and a central team schedule. With Bizimply you can get a complete overview of the holidays requested by your employees and all you have to do as a manager is approve or deny the requests. Once approved, these will automatically show up on the rota to show that the employee is off so they can’t be accidentally scheduled for a shift. This eliminates any future confusion and the need to readjust the schedule, which in turn, wastes managers times. Having a leave management software system in place enables you to effectively manage employee leave. 

Across many different industries; hospitality, retail, healthcare etc, they will all differ in how leave and holiday requests are being managed. Also, a range of different employees will be working within the organisation and within different departments. This could be students, part or full time employees, there could be those juggling two jobs or new parents who need to be there on certain days for their child. So when it comes to working, unavailability or holiday requests there will be a lot of requests from your staff that will need to be organised properly so you ensure you have the right people on shift. 

Read further to see our reasons why you need to manage leave requests. 

  1. Establish a clear leave policy

Having a leave management system in place will give your staff a clear overview of the leave policy for your staff. If you haven’t a leave policy identified, then work closely with your human resources team to determine what type of framework your policy should follow. For example, you can create a leave policy based on accrued holiday time, or even a set number of leave time for all employees. Once you have a policy drafted up, make sure you distribute that policy to all of your employees. 

  1. Consolidate all leave requests in one place

How do you currently manage staff leave requests?

If you are writing down staff time off request and unavailability on pieces of paper, in a notebook or communicating them via text messages then you need a leave management system. More often that not you won’t remember when an employee has booked off or said they are unavailable to work. Also, managers don’t have the time to be sorting through endless physical pieces of paper or through text messages when trying to complete a schedule. 

Instead, you should be using leave management software to more efficiently manage your team’s leave from one simple dashboard.

What are the benefits of that centralised leave management system?

You can see different leave types, remaining holiday balances, time off requests, and even booked time off. It makes it a lot easier for employees to request time off, for you to approve that time, and for anyone to track time off.

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Our area managers no longer have to take a day off to sort clock-in times for payroll, it can be done in a couple of hours or less which is huge, saving us 25 days a year!

Chris Mouralidarane

COO at Ice King

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