Bizimply Product Updates

Two Factor Authentication

June 2024
We’ve added two factor authentication so your Bizimply experience can be even more secure.

Now employees have the option to use OTP codes generated by an authenticator app when logging in, as an extra safeguard against phishing and identity theft. 

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MyZimply Schedule Status

May 2024
Our MyZimply Manger update now features even more visibility in our new schedule view.

Now when managers check a location’s schedule in MyZimply, they not only see how is scheduled to for that day and what time they’ll be working, they also see clock-in status and clock-in time. 

From there, they can also contact any employee right from the schedule, either by phone or using Bizimply Connect.

Connect News Feed

April 2024
The Connect News Feed is perfect for centralising employee communication. 

Posting on the News Feed is a great way to provide company-wide updates, employee milestones, and important information. When making a post, users can also require an acknowledgement, making it easy to track which employees have read and understood each post. 

We’re going to be adding even more features to the News Feed very soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

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Time Off Calendar

April 2024
Managing time-off can be complex, that’s why we’ve added a time-off calendar to give you total visibility on which staff members have approved and pending time off each month. 

Update – May 2024 
Now managers with access to more than one location will be able to see the calendar on their All Locations Dashboard, without needing to go into each location individually.

Time Off Notifications

March 2024
We’ve made it even easier for you to streamline your time off request process. 

Now, an employee can be set up to receive an email notification whenever a time-off request is made by an employee. These notifications are assigned by location.

Update – April 2024 – Only employees with the correct permissions will  appear in the drop down menu.

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MyZimply 5.0

March 2024
This huge MyZimply is all about helping managers streamline their work day. 

All of the features from our Manager App have been incorporated into MyZimply. Now you can switch seamlessly between locations and roles, all from MyZimply. 

We also took this opportunity to give these features a lick of paint and make some key improvements based on customer feedback, including an optimised shift log and a new look schedule!

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