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To benefit the childcare industry, Bizimply provides rota software that enables childcare workers to create schedules in advance that child care owners and parents love.

Last-minute client changes

One issue that can come up frequently, is the need for a parent to cancel or schedule a last-minute childcare worker. Oftentimes, single parents do not have the option to turn down a last-minute shift. Therefore it is important that they don’t have to wait and see if the time they require your services is already booked, as then they will have even less time to organise someone else. That is where rota software comes in.

Childcare workers overstretched

When rotas are not organised childcare practitioners can be overstretched into working too many hours, which is neither legal nor practical. Childcare workers pride themselves on passion and dedication however, when practitioners are being overstretched, it can cause passion to be replaced with resentment and stress.

With all the features to manage and automate the core functions of your business, cutting out repetitive and unproductive admin has never been easier.

Bizimply Scheduling Software

Attendance scheduling and reporting

Start each shift with Bizimply’s rota software providing a paperless sign-in sheet that can be accessed on an employee smartphone or tablet. Capture accurate sign-in-out times with digital signatures. Log, share and save attendance records, invoices, booking history, daily registers, accident and incident reports – all from a single platform.

Rota organisation

Keeping track of and scheduling the upcoming workload although will not necessarily reduce the load it will make it feel more manageable ensuring practitioners are less overstretched. Have a strong system, routines and rotas in place so everyone knows what is expected of them and when certain things need to be done.

GPS- Clock -In App

Clear holiday requests

Make it clear how many staff can be off at once, how far in advance a holiday needs to be requested and so on. Making this clear from the start can help friction. Then allow staff to make requests through rota software and see if the date has already been requested off by another staff member.

See what a tailor-made, customisable rota management solution looks like.

“When I was a store manager it was already saving me about an hour a week for rota-building alone.”

Kieran Gallagher

Operations Director, Golden Discs

Customer Case Study

Rota Software creates a successful workflow with Golden Discs and Bizimply.

By joining forces with Bizimly, Golden Discs can now reap the time-saving and cost-cutting benefits of having Bizimply’s Rota Software such as :

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s the process that determines a schedule that your workforce will work. Employees then refer to it so they understand when their shift starts and ends.

Rota management is the same as shift planning—a list showing when employees have to do their job.

Traditionally, it was one of the more hated jobs in the business world as it required a manager to constantly edit a schedule. Any shift swaps or cancellations proved time-consuming and annoying to implement. It was an inefficient process few managers enjoyed. But Bizimply’s automated and real-time digital technology now means it’s much easier to accomplish—and even enjoyable

Employees can log into and access their own shift rotas. This allows for quicker and more effective communication across the board. Using comprehensive rota software can help ease the frustrations of trying to manage multiple schedules, payroll, and other HR tasks, particularly in large scale businesses.

Our sales team would be happy to walk you through the easy to use the process of building rotas with Bizimply.  To describe the process briefly, all staff receives an email of their own individual rota when it is published unless they have been manually excluded from the email.  Managers and other authorised personnel can easily log onto your preferred web browse, or via the app “My Zimply” with your Bizimply login information.  Once your schedule is published, your shifts will be available to see on the app or portal.

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