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A totally fresh and contemporary take on pizza. Base offer quality, made-to-order, Artizan-style pizzas. Shane Crilly, founder of Base Wood Fired Pizza is originally from Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan. He studied law in Dublin and went on to train as a Solicitor in London.

Shane wanted to create a pizzeria that met all of the criteria a top-quality pizza should consist of; artisanal, fresh, authentic and above all taste delicious. When travelling to the birthplace of pizzas, Naples in Southern Italy Shane forged a partnership with Sergio Giogiudici who ran a local cooperative of Italian producers and farmers (how cool?!).

As a result of this, Base can obtain the best Italian ingredients. On return to Dublin, Shane strived to improve the standard of pizza across Dublin and create a pizza that may inspire healthier choices by offering people real quality food. 

Base WFP was founded in 2008 and opened the first store in Terenure that year and to date has 7 stores across Dublin. However, despite a thriving business and great reviews, it led to more back-office admin, scheduling of employees, attendance and reporting issues. After a few weeks using Bizimply, each location was able to reduce their admin by 6 hours per week, prove labour-law compliance and standardise reporting without compromising on their customer experience.

The Challenge

We spoke with Paul; Operations and HR Director to see how Base has helped Bizimply. Paul reflected back upon the challenges they previously faced. One of the biggest challenges was ensuring they were staying compliant with all relevant legislations. From making sure all staff members were working the correct hours per week and taking their assigned breaks to ensuring wages were correct and holiday pay was calculated fairly. 

Paul and his team found it difficult to identify a formal process of staying on top of these legislations. Often he would have to get Managers to ring around locations to make sure that staff were taking their correct breaks; “making calls or travelling to each location to check if staff had taken their breaks was a nightmare and extremely time consuming”

Manual clock in for staff and timesheets was another process that they knew wasn’t working effectively but was constantly overlooked. Staff would manually sign in and out for their shifts, wouldn’t record break times and more often than not would forget to write down their hours. This led to managers having to text around asking for their hours worked which took them away from other areas of the business. As a result, it led to higher labour costs for the business, often staff could not always remember the accurate hours worked and manually calculating holiday and overtime hours was often error prone.

Storing physically printed documents; employee contracts, working visas, supplier and equipment information meant that offices were compiled of files and folders. It was time consuming for admin and managers to search for any documents they needed and would often get quite messy, the team knew it was time to change this and make the digital switch.

base wood fired pizza

The Solution

After implementing Bizimply, Base WFP began to see positive changes. Paul shared how the main benefit was that they were now staying fully compliant with all relevant legislations, such as GDPR or Organisation of Working Time Act; “any of those compliance “headaches” were illuminated with help of Bizimply.”

Additionally, Paul explained how the software marries both HR and financial KPIs really well and helps their store managers to maintain HR compliance, rostering and employee documentation while staying on top of their weekly financial KPIs such as sales, forecasts, labour and wage cost control and other. He admires how: “all of these are available at a glance on dashboards without any effort or time consumption.”

Bizimply’s cloud based software means that managers and administrators can access their account from anywhere, making it easier to manage multi-location businesses. 

“Bizimply has changed the way we operate when it comes to documentation; files and folders that were previously all physical prints and copies, are now all digitally available at a click of a button.” 

Paul shared that since they made the digital switch, any previous paper trail clutter such as breaksheets, rosters, employee documentation such as contracts, training records etc has all been digitised and is easily available on Bizimply. 

“It helped in clearing and organising our workspaces, offices, and filing cabinets, and helped managers to stay on top of things without having to go through a pile of prints when looking for specific documents or reviewing timesheets for payroll.”

Paul has seen major improvements in the overall efficiency of the business. Staff communications have improved greatly, there are no mistakes when it comes to the schedule as staff are sent out their rosters and these can be accessed via the MyZimply app at any time. They clearly outline the shifts they have been assigned and doesn’t cause any confusion. This clear overview as well allows Managers to check their app to see if staff have clocked in at the right time and in the right location. 

“The user friendliness of the App, all key information available and visible on dashboard as well as multi-site management options were the main aspects of Bizimply which helped us to become more efficient” 

With the documentation compliance, it freed up more time for them to do what they are best at – making great quality pizzas and providing amazing quality customer care.

Base Wood Fired Pizza has a people first mission and that is exactly what they are achieving with Bizimply! They are keeping it real by creating the ultimate Base experience with both their employees and customers. By putting people first, they strive for positive change in their employee’s lives and the communities they serve. Providing a safe and secure workplace for their staff and provided with opportunities to learn and develop their skills and knowledge is important to them. Through opportunity and development to deliver a good customer service, Base exceeds their customers’ expectations each time they enter or buy products from Base WFP. They strive to continue to offer excellent pizza quality and a top-quality Base experience.

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