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The Athenian make award-winning gyros, of course, made the Athenian way! Since 2014; they have grown from a humble market stall to a small network of locations in no time. They won Deliveroo Restaurant of the Year 2020 and serve up nothing but the best ingredients, freshly and lovingly made to order right there in front of you, for a big hit of taste and flavour. They offer souvlaki, gyros and plant based alternatives and source everything from partners in Greece and the UK, so we know where every single ingredient comes from.

The Athenian are big supporters of important causes, like helping NHS key workers with free meals during the pandemic, donating to Greek Animal Rescue after the wildfires, supporting the homeless, refugees or LGBT organisations in Greece. They are proud to partner with different charities and Bizimply admire their drive to help these organisations.

The Athenian had a previous software in place however they found there was limited customisation within their account and awkward usability of the software which often led to frustrated staff. 

The Challenge

More than just staff scheduling

Previous to Bizimply, they were using a system that would often crash when trying to use the platform, when scheduling staff shifts it was no longer up to the high standards the business set for the software. That’s when the team at The Athenian decided it was time to move to another software that had a good user interface and that would improve their operational experience.

We spoke to Head of People, Jade to see how they were getting on with Bizimply. Jade shared that as part of the product switch they wanted the ability to monitor staff time with increased accuracy; they wanted one central Human Resource platform for storing employee  documentation; and also a solution that would save them time on laborious tasks such as payroll.

The Athenian

The Solution

Since getting started with Bizimply, Jade discussed the many improvements they have seen already. 

Bizimply’s Human Resource suite is completely customisable and enables managers to store all information in one centralised system; “We can store important employee documents in one place on our account which can be accessed at any of our locations. This is extremely convenient and it saves us having to carry around files as we are travelling from one location to another”.

Storing employee documents such as working visas has helped the HR team eliminate the risk of compliance issues.

Increased accuracy for Time and Attendance of employees has become more accurate and taken huge pressure off HR managers. Staff are now clocking in and out on the iPad via the Timestation app, these shift times automatically send to timesheets which are then approved by the manager. 

“The clocking in feature means we can instantly pull accurate timesheets to inform payroll, which has freed up a lot of time for the team. It saves us 2 days on payroll every month.”

Much of the day to day running of the business has all been completely streamlined. Jade has more time to focus on other areas of the business such as increasing employee engagement and interaction with her teams and ensuring positive training opportunities. 

Another reason for choosing Bizimply was our seamless integration options. The Athenian already used Tenzo. Tenzo  lets you instantly benchmark performance against other locations, time periods, teams, dishes, and business targets, letting you identify business opportunities.

This was an important ‘make or break’ for The Athenians’ decision to move forward.

The Athenian currently has 16 locations, recently expanding internationally. They plan to have more sites coming later this year both across Spain and the UAE! The Athenian has plans to hit 11 sites across Spain by 2023 including major Spanish cities like Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, and 8 sites in total in the UAE across Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

They’re also scoping the German market, starting with Berlin, as well as further expansion in the United Kingdom. We love hearing that Bizimply can help contribute to The Athenians success!

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