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Centra is Ireland’s leading convenience retail group, with 480 bright, accessible stores in communities throughout the country.

They have a reputation for quality, value and friendly service, and the fact that stores are independently owned and operated by local people means that shoppers get the best of both worlds – commitment to the traditional values of good fresh foods and excellent services, combined with the price power and state-of-the art retail systems of a big national food store group.

It’s exactly what you get when you step through the doors of Camlin Service Station. The convenience store incorporates Frank & Honest Coffee, Moo’d Ice-cream and Deli.

It also has a Texaco forecourt, with carwash services and the only electric car fast charger in Longford.

We spoke with Joseph, owner of Camlin Centra, Texaco, to get an insight as to how Bizimply has helped the business!

The Challenge

Joseph was always looking for ways to improve the operational side of business, but was unsure how to approach it. He felt the manual processes were working, and that he needed to implement more processes on doing other things, instead of improving the current processes. Joseph just needed to make the switch from manual to digital. 

Joseph shared that; “customer-facing store management was spending too much time creating rotas, using biometrics and an old scheduling system of excel spreadsheets and pen & paper.”

As a result, managers weren’t able to be as active on the shop floor, they didn’t have the time to focus on their team, ensuring they were fully trained, they also couldn’t efficiently deal with customer queries as they would have liked. 

Part of improving business today, means looking into your business data more. In Raleigh’s Centra, managers had very little control of data collection, accuracy, price changes, or actual gross margins being achieved which led to inconsistencies in the business.

Also, with no central documentation management, it highlighted a number of errors in pricing and actual gross profit achieved.

There was no head office visibility of who had shown up for their shift. On top of that, payroll was manually done once a week, which took one person an entire day and as you can imagine, resulted in errors quite a lot of the time.

These were all changes Joseph knew he could implement with Bizimply. 

raleigh's centra longford

The Solution

Within the first couple of weeks, Joseph and the Centra team already saw a 15% reduction on the time spent creating rotas and scheduling staff. 

“Bizimply has completely modernised the way we manage our schedules. The schedule feature allows us to create ‘popular shifts’, so we have implemented standard shift patterns that are particularly useful for our full time staff.”

Joseph noticed an increase in smoother transactions with customers and a more productive workforce;

“We’ve been able to optimise staffing to make sure we have exactly the right number of staff for every shift, covering demand.”

Managers no longer have to worry about headache driven payroll. “Bizimply has eliminated the need for manually entering data and errors occurring. Time spent on payroll has already been eliminated.”

The time off requests feature has also made a huge difference for the business; “it is particularly useful when we suffer with staff shortages.”

Raleigh’s Centra are using Collsoft accounting software to manage their payroll. “Bizimply’s integration with Collsoft allows all our shift data to be streamed directly to payroll, taking away the error-prone task of manually importing data from Excel spreadsheets.”

“We now have much better visibility into the future!”

Joseph has seen major improvements of business processes since implementing Bizimply, many that he had envisioned for years, but never knew how to approach. All it took was implementing a software that helps to manage the workforce better, it took Bizimply to make every shift run like clockwork!

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