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Lucia Wine Bar is the place to be if you want to experience delicious flavours and beautiful interiors. With locations in York, Harrogate and Beverly you aren’t short of places to be able to temporarily immerse yourself into the Italian lifestyle. 

Whether you’re passing by for nibbles and an aperitif, or wish to fully indulge in classic Italian cuisine, our range of menus featuring show-stopping dishes and world-class ingredients will have something for you.

We caught up with Operations Manager, Darioush Shahidi to see how the team at Lucia Wine Bar were getting on with Bizimply. 

The Challenge

Darioush’s main requirements from Bizimply workforce management software, were to improve the entire payroll process, as well as more accurate hours recorded for their staff. He found tasks like payroll to be extremely time consuming. 

With no formal clock in process, staff had to write down the hours they worked, these hours would be manually entered into the system. 

“Often staff would forget to write down their hours so we would have to message them to find out, wasting time or else they would be inaccurate.” 

These errors were costing the business as labour hours would be over what the scheduled hours were. 

lucia wine bar

The Solution

Darioush began to research workforce management software, he needed a system that would enable smoother running of the day-to-day operations in the business so time could be valuably spent. 

He wanted better visibility over costs, better HR management and how they manage staff’s holidays, as well as a safe, centralised area to store employee documents. 

Lucia Wine Bar now has a streamlined approach to processing payroll; with greater control over their labour and sales data they are making much better business decisions. 

“We see Bizimply as a wage management tool, the staff scheduling solution is brilliant too. We are now scheduling to demand, meaning we don’t have extra staff on when it could be a quieter period. Small changes like these add up and you start to see the labour spend reduce.”

Having granularity over labour and sales costs is important to any business manager. It can be the difference between whether your business survives, especially with so much competition today. 

Staff love being able to book time off on the MyZimply App, they find it convenient and since, there has been no errors in scheduling staff who have booked off or submitted unavailability requests.

“Staffs booked time off or unavailability showing up on the schedule is a game changer, before, we would have accidentally scheduled them as we had no formal process in place, which meant the schedule would have to be adjusted again after it was published, we don’t have that issue anymore, saving us more time to focus on other areas of the business.”

With Bizimply you can store all your documents in a safe, cloud-based system, keeping you compliant and up to date.

Lucia Wine Bar now has a; secure and accessible place to store our important employee documents. I love that they can be accessed within the account, so if I am at another location, I can access them there too without having to carry any paperwork.”

Lucia Wine Bar recently added E-Signature into the business as Bizimply and HelloSign seamlessly integrate together. “The e-signature enables us to be more efficient, simple signing of digital documents keeps them within the system, it is also convenient, it means nothing will get lost and the documents are secure.”

Darioush shared how Bizimply has made such a positive change to Lucia Wine Bar’s everyday operations. Staff have become more engaged and productive. Also, with greater data insight, better and smarter business decisions have been made which have resulted in smooth running across all locations.  

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