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At Rooster’s Café & Farmshop everything they do is to Champion regional food producers who are within the local area. It’s important to the owners of Rooster’s Café and Farmshop that the producers demonstrate a passion for farming and the products they produce. In doing so, their objective is to provide a community location for the people of the community and visitors alike to savour and enjoy great quality food for themselves and their family. 

As a farmer-owned business, the team at Rooster’s know that good food needn’t cost the earth. So, they work directly with carefully selected Irish producers to personally source great quality, affordable produce. You’ll find some of Ireland’s tastiest and most sustainable food and drink in their café and farm shop. 

The Challenge

As Roosters is a farmshop and a cafe, Mary is responsible for many different business operations; including sales, inventory management, payroll processing and management of all employees. With staff across three departments within the business, scheduling and tracking the time and attendance of their staff became increasingly difficult. In turn, this led to messy payroll and over expenditure on labour costs. Mary knew it was time to fly the nest with old manual processes and begin her search for a workforce management software that would cater to her needs. 

Before Bizimply, Mary would often scramble to make sure the right amount of employees were scheduled on each shift to support the increase and cover demand for the busy periods. All this was carried out while trying to keep track of the changes to employee timesheets to ensure that payroll was accurate and that the financial aspects of the business were all in order. 

When publishing the weekly schedule, Mary would either physically communicate this to staff as they were working on shift, pin up the roster on location or send the rota out through a work Whatsapp group. In addition to this, requested time off would be sent via a message or else jotted down on a piece of paper that was more likely to get lost.  

“Looking back, not having any formal process for our staff to submit their holiday requests or unavailability was madness. Of course it was going to lead to hours spent doing the roster or forgetting that someone had booked it off!”

It was difficult for Mary to accurately gain the hours that staff had worked, they would either forget to record their hours on the sheet or else Mary would have to message them asking for hours, which again was time consuming for her. “By the time it came to doing payroll, staff would have forgotten the hours worked and roughly estimate them, this was putting a huge increase on our labour costs.”

The Solution

Roosters Cafe and Farmshop needed a solution that would provide more accuracy when it comes to hours and payroll, a more streamlined way of creating and publishing schedules and a formal way for staff to request holidays or submit their unavailability. 

Mary looked to Bizimply due to its simple interface and high level overview when it came to labour costs and forecasting. Mary was able to reduce the amount of time spent on scheduling hugely! 

“I really like how schedules are published and sent out to their staff via their MyZimply App. It has eliminated any miscommunications or confusion with our staff.”

Through the MyZimply app, staff can also submit time off requests for their managers to approve. This has freed Mary up with more time on the other end when creating schedules; 

“I no longer have to go searching through messages or my diary to see if anyone has booked time off or told me they can’t work a shift. Their requests come through on the account, all I have to do is approve and they show up on their profile so they can’t be assigned a shift – that is convenient!”

Bizimply’s Time and Attendance feature has allowed Mary to reduce labour costs by up to 10%. Staff are now clocking in and out on the Timestation app; “we have now got full accuracy when it comes to employees hours. It’s mad how much an extra 10-15 minutes or so shaved off employees hours can reduce labour costs”

Mary loves the Timestation app and how it has made payroll a much easier job for her. She is now automatically maintaining accurate employee times by approving employee timesheets gathered in Bizimply. This eliminated the need to manually update individual timesheets and re-calculate employee time in payroll, due to shift changes or overtime etc. 

“I’m glad to be done with manually entering the hours of each employee, it would have often led to mistakes and as a result, another job to be done! Having staff clock in and out on an app where I can see who has clocked in and out and who has taken their breaks reassures me that I’m being compliant when it comes to wages. This has saved us a lot of time and worry!”

With Bizimply, Mary got a quicker, more streamlined way to manage her team so she could focus on growing her business to support growing demand. She now has full visibility over labour hours, can create smarter schedules and has a strong peace of mind that the business is operating as efficiently as it should be. 

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