Crepeaffaire’s story began in 2004, when the first family-owned Crêpeaffaire opened in London.

Ever since then, they have been going places and spreading the joy with stores from Brighton to Newcastle, and Netherlands to Kuwait! From the original Crepeaffaire London base, they’re now opening new stores across the country – and abroad.

They’re more than just a crêpe shop or creperie, their cosy cafés offer freshly prepared crêpes made in front of you whatever you’re craving, at any time of the day. Pancake lover? Why wait until pancake day when you can get pancakes with Crêpeaffaire all year round!

Marta; Crêpeaffaires People Manager has admitted that general management of her workforce has been increasingly difficult due to the growth of the team and location expansion.

The Challenge

Prior to the adoption of Bizimply, Crêpeaffaire were previously using a different software which they found after some time using, it just didn’t fulfil the operational duties efficiently. Nor did it improve employee engagement and customer service they appreciated and wanted for their locations. 

“Cost of goods and wages were easy to manage until we started growing. We got to a point where we needed something better from the tech industry – it was time to implement stronger software that would help us manage our teams.” says Marta. Because of this, Bizimply was rolled out across Crêpeaffaires 12 locations.

As People Manager, Marta shared with us how they had no way to manage and improve employee performance;

“It’s important to us that our employees improve their skills whilst on the job. Before Bizimply, we had no way of tracking any training or upskilling. Now we now have the ability to manage performance digitally by raising issues in Bizimply and being able to report automatically to head office if needed.”

Marta also shared they wanted to have more visibility over more aspects of the business. The team didn’t have full insight into their sales and labour costs, employee performance or inventory; “We wanted to identify more opportunities for growth within the business and knew that deeper insight to our sales and labour costs would benefit greatly.”


The Solution

As Crêpeaffaire continues to grow and add more locations, they are able to keep their labour costs low using Bizimply, the software allows them to have more oversight and create their weekly schedules in an efficient way. 

“With Bizimply, we have much more controlled shifts than we did before. We can plan for demand and busier periods to ensure we are providing good customer service.”  Managers can now create schedules for the week within 15 minutes. 

Marta further highlights how; “we can now separate the costs of different positions and have more visibility of key positions over day and week period.” This is essential to help them save on their labour costs. 

Reporting processes have been improved as well; “Bizimply enables us to run reports on documents expiry and compliance to ensure all checks are in place.”

Bizimply and Tenzo have been working together for the last few months to design an integration that is more specific to Crêpeaffaires needs.  

The key decision on upgrading current processes was building an integrated techstack with a seamless workflow from Bizimply > Tenzo > Vita Mojo and Flow Hospitality, again to ensure the scalability of the future. 

With the Bizimply and Tenzo integration, Magda, the Operations Manager revealed as a team they are now able to; “make faster and smarter business decisions.” 

“Operationally, it’s essential that we are able to monitor team’s engagement daily, managers can now leave an overview of how the day went, smoothly handing over to the opening manager on the following day.”

“One of the main things that we see as an improvement is to be able to have a dashboard with an overview of all stores in one place. The fact that we see actual vs scheduled vs forecast/budget stats all in one place is a massive time saving for all managers and operation team.” Magda exclaims.

Hamish, who is Crêpeaffaires Finance manager, reported how he and his finance team have deeper financial reporting insights at hand, enabling Crêpeaffaire to make faster decisions and scale the business moving forward in both the corporate and franchise world.

Tenzo integrates with your POS, labour and inventory systems, allowing you to view all of your data in one place. Data is updated in real-time so decisions can be made quickly. “These clear, actionable insights is what contributes to our business success.”

Not only can Tenzo aggregate all your data for analysis, but it also uses machine learning to more accurately forecast your future sales, taking into account variables such as weather, holidays and custom events. Magda and her team can now get these insights with the Bizimply and Tenzo integration. 

Overall, Crepeaffaire’s team are loving Bizimply, she highly recommends making the digital switch and implementing a workforce management software that will automate any manual processes and help to drive productivity, profits and increase engagement of staff too.

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