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National Retail Brands are a recent addition to the food and service industry. They have recently opened up a Taco Bell franchise. Taco Bell is a leading Mexican-inspired quick service restaurant brand that is a part of Yum! Brands, Inc. which includes Pizza Hut and KFC. Founded on innovation and passion with Glen Bell bringing tacos to the masses in a world of hot dog and hamburger stands in 1962, today they have nearly 7000 restaurants in the United States and over 400 restaurants in 27 countries outside of the United States. 

Having years of experience in the food and service industry, franchisee owners were aware of what needed to be prepared in order to open such a popular location. 

However, when it came to business operations and finance, alongside the increase in digital technology within the hospitality industry, Gareth; Operations Manager and Jody; Financial Director knew they would require software that would help them to manage the workforce. 

From the get go Jody and Gareth were looking for a system that would have simple scheduling, track Time and Attendance of their staff that automated Payroll, manage holiday requests easily and also act like a storage system. Thankfully they came to Bizimply and we were able to fulfill all their requirements!

Significant improvements

Since getting started with Bizimply, Gareth shared with us the many improvements they have seen already. 

Time and attendance was one of the top priorities for National Retail Brands. Having accurate clock in and out times of employees was desired  so they would be paying an accurate wage. It also kept both managers and employees accountable for the hours they worked. 

“Staff are clocking in and out on the iPad via the Timestation app. I love that all Managers have to do is approve the employee’s timecard and then send it over to Payroll”

They have seen a reduction in the time spent on Payroll too as well as not overspending on their labour costs;

“Having this real-time visibility over costs has helped us to schedule staff shifts more efficiently and achieve the perfect balance between number of employees and customer demand” 

Much of the day to day running of the business has all been completely streamlined. Managers have more time to focus on increasing employee engagement, spending more time with them on the floor and ensuring they are getting the right training to excel in their roles. 

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The Solution

Bizimply’s Human Resource suite can be completely customised for every businesses’ account and gives managers the ability to store all information in our cloud based system; 

“It was very important for us that we had a software that would manage and store all of our employee documents. As we have multiple locations it means we can access this information no matter which location we are at.”

Having this cloud based storage system also means National Retail Brands are staying compliant. They are able to store employees’ contracts, working visas, CV’s etc all within their Bizimply account. 

“If we ever need to review an employee’s contract, we can simply log onto our account, head to the employee’s profile and pull it up. No searching through files and endless documents.”

Another reason for choosing Bizimply was our free and seamless integration options. National Retail Brands were users of Ezora. Ezora ​​optimise their performance and scale their business by automating financial processes and providing their stakeholders with the information they need to make better decisions that fuel growth; the endless opportunities was exactly the reason why National Retail Brands made the decision to move forward with Bizimply. 

“This integration with Bizimply enables us to use the data to make even better informed decisions for the business, which will improve operational performance for both us, our employees and our customers.”

National Retail Brands have huge expansion plans, currently with two locations open they have plans to to open more locations over the coming months where Bizimply will be rolled out. 

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