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In 1989, Muffin Break made its way from Canada to Australia to introduce Australians to its own roasted 100% arabica espresso and handmade fresh food. 

 Today, FoodCo operates through nearly 600 locations across 7 countries employing over 4,000 people – opening here in the UK in 2001.

FoodCo UK have now implemented Bizimply in two different franchise businesses, across multiple locations.

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The Challenge

Originally, Muffin Break and Jamaica Blue, used a different system to help them run their day to day operations. Unfortunately, it was no longer fulfilling their needs as the business was growing. 

They needed deeper insight into their data across multiple locations as well as more accurate time and attendance records of each of their employees.  

“Our previous system manually collected the clock in and out times of our staff.” 

Manually collecting this information can be time consuming and when it comes to inputting the data for payroll, human error can occur, resulting in staff being over or underpaid. 

The Solution

FoodCo now predominantly use Bizimply for tracking Time and Attendance of their employees, more accurate forecasting for costs and overall, more efficient workforce management.  

They were in the market for a tool that would help keep track of their labour costs and pay accurately for time worked.

“We can now complete payroll much faster, what originally could take days between entering the clock in/out times of staff, to making adjustments or fixing manual errors, now only takes a few hours across our locations.”

With greater data insight for Muffin Break and Jamaica Blue locations, the team can make better business decisions. 

 “Bizimply gives us the visibility and the confidence to say that we can actually make our schedules dynamic and a lot more reactive to the forecasting data.” 

The Timestation in place at each site enables staff to clock in and out using their unique pins. It also ensures that staff are taking their correct break times and helps keep managers compliant. 

These clock in and out times, once approved by the manager, are sent straight to the integrated payroll provider; “extremely convenient and fast!”

With Bizimply as a key software in the franchise workplace, FoodCo locations across the UK have more accurate labour data than ever before. This singular source of truth helps managers and franchisees keep labour costs and productivity consistent.

“The rewards are returning back time to the manager, giving them greater transparency, giving the head office greater transparency, and of course, positive financially as well.”

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