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McCarthy’s Pharmacy has managed to cut admin tasks by 65% with a Workforce Management Software

Dan McCarthy’s Pharmacy is the leading community pharmacy and healthcare provider in County Cork, McCarthy’s Pharmacy are committed to healthcare and their vision sees that they are a highly thought of healthcare brand. 

Their customers are their main focus and they strive to provide them with exceptional service and healthcare. It is the go-to local pharmacy, right on the doorstep for the community, explicitly the first choice for customer needs.

The Challenge

Previously to Bizimply, Dan admits he and the team could spend hours per week just on putting together the weekly schedule and then making changes once it was published.

“It would take around three hours putting the schedule together, then when published, if people had booked off, we would have to find cover and make adjustments, all that time adds up per week.” says Dan.

He shares that scheduling became “a nightmare” for the team, especially when staff would forget to record the hours worked or switched shifts and didn’t tell the manager.

Using spreadsheets to manage employee scheduling wasn’t feasible for much longer and that’s when Dan sought workforce management software to help.

After manually creating the schedules, they would then either email them to staff, send them in a Whatsapp group or print it out and hang it in the staff room.

 “It caused a lot of miscommunication and confusion in the workplace, especially when schedule changes were made” says Dan.

“We would have incidents where staff didn’t show up because they were following an old version of the schedule, which was impacting our overall performance.”

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The Solution

When searching for the right workforce management system that incorporated rota software, Dan wanted to ensure that it would be easy to install and not disrupt any operations. 

He admits that; “Bizimply is extremely user-friendly, setup was seamless and our staff love the software and can see the benefits it brings.” 

McCarthy’s Pharmacy also wanted functionalities that ensured schedule visibility for their staff and real-time scheduling to minimise miscommunications and distribute schedules easily.

“All staff now get sent the rotas straight to their phones through the MyZimply app” Dan explains, “they love it! They can check the schedule whenever they need to, if they’re out and about.”

Attendance rates have improved since implementation of Bizimply. It has eliminated staff not showing up due to adjusted schedules being published, which naturally caused a great deal of stress. 

“Now they’re showing up for the correct shifts and performance in the pharmacy has improved.”

The team has managed to save a huge amount of time on admin tasks.

“From creating and sharing schedules to payroll, everything is completed faster, which allows managers to get back out on the floor, helping their team and assisting customers .” 

Time off requests are managed much more efficiently now at McCarthy’s; “staff can request time off through the app and all managers have to do is deny or approve the request, the process has changed for the better.”

As a result employee relations and productivity has improved in the workplace. 

Bizimply has also helped McCarthy’s Pharmacy stay compliant and in line with workplace regulations. Using the document storage system, it allows managers to upload and store any employee related documents such as contracts, CV’s, and onboarding forms into the account. They can be accessed from anywhere, so when requested can be located easily.

Using the Bizimply timestation for staff to clock in and out for their shifts, it has led to efficient and more accurate payroll. 

“We can now trust that timecards are accurate and once approved can be exported to payroll in minutes. This has led to a reduction in our overall labour costs, which has made us forecast our schedules better too. We now forecast based on our target labour costs and sales each week.” 

Staff at McCarthy’s Pharmacy can now execute all their efforts on enhancing the top class customer service they provide with Bizimply. From improved scheduling, more accurate and faster payroll, full compliance to an engaged and productive workforce, the benefits speak for themselves.

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