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Kay’s Kitchen is a family run business across several generations. Putting a focus on quality, all food is sourced locally and cooked freshly in house.

We talked with Steven Glover – Managing Director of Kay’s Kitchen – about daily challenges Kay ‘s faced before implementing Bizimply, why they decided to use us, as well as the positive impact the software has had on the business.

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The Challenge

Steven grew up in the restaurant trade and has a work background in retail banking. He took over as Managing Director of Kay’s in 2016. A true family business, Steven is currently managing the business together with his sister and executive chef Steven Riley.

As someone who grew up in the trade, he knows first-hand how much work managers might face if no automated process is in place to take care of schedules every week, counting hours, signing break sheets. Steven explained to us how hard it was for restaurant managers before Bizimply was implemented in the business.

We used pen and paper, Excel sheets and clock in machines with punch cards. A lot of counting of hours was involved. People would sign break sheets. Kay’s wanted to get rid of that and automate processes, i.e. have management focus on staff and enable staff in turn to focus exclusively on customers.”

Furthermore, he gave us insight into difficult times Kay’s had to withstand, i.e. loss of one restaurant, PRSI increase and minimum wage increase. Not only were those factors a challenge for the business but also allowed Steven to discover how ground-breaking Bizimply proved to be for the business.

Bizimply allowed us to find out about quiet day wage cost adjustments which we had to make. As a restaurant manager, it enabled me to see how we were operating on a granular level and allowed me to pare back on certain days where we didn’t need usually high amount of food, stock, staff.”

Kay’s were able to reduce the offer accordingly thus making it easier to operate the restaurant without affecting sales.

This was one of our biggest wins this year – I can’t explain how much of a find that was. I would have never discovered this if Bizimply hadn’t given me this info.

The Solution

An extremely high workload for managers, together with lots of duplicate work led Kay’s to look for an automated solution to manage shift scheduling, and time and attendance tracking.

When being asked what made Bizimply stand out as a solution, Steven explained that Bizimply’s functionalities of rostering and costing online looked especially promising since it would allow Kay’s to see how much they were spending. Post- implementation, these components of the software indeed proved to be beyond beneficial to how the business operates.

Adding onto that, Bizimply’s Timestation feature together with the software’s attendance tracking capabilities further streamlined the business.

The actual percentage of labour cost broken down per day by Bizimply allowed Kay’s to gain full control over business operations. It allowed them furthermore to pare back if necessary and alter the number of staff brought in for quieter days.

Bizimply opened their eyes and allowed them to see how their wage bill operated each day of the week and to analyse and improve the wage bill on a granular level.

Having implemented Bizimply, Kay’s were able to cut down on unnecessary work for their managers. Now they are better able to focus on staff and staff, in turn, on customers. Furthermore, Bizimply made business info available at all time – this turned out to be crucial in successfully managing the business.

One of our prime costs are wages. Bizimply controls wage costs and thus allows us to keep a handle on wage bills. It is a very important system for us.” Bizimply saves Kay’s approximately 30 hours of admin work per week in total for all locations. Now that Bizimply imports directly into Sage, payroll has never been easier.”

Being asked about the recently released manager app, Steven says “Everything is there at the touch of a finger. Generally, it allows you to know what’s happened straight away. Managers have all staff info there – they can email / text staff instantly. They can also easily do scheduling, and cost it out. They’re aware of what’s happening – always. The managers app allows managers to compare employee hours and know what to cut it down to.

There is no real infrastructure cost to Bizimply but what it gives back in terms of business info is priceless. No one knows their business as well as they think they do. I thought I knew it but Bizimply shone a light on issues in staffing and operations. It would be the smartest decision for any business to take on Bizimply – we certainly haven’t regretted it in our restaurants.”

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