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Great food, tank beer, a unique draft range and incredible cocktails – wrapped up in stunning yet welcoming space in Dublin city. That’s Lemon & Duke.

We talked with Darren Costello, General Manager at Lemon & Duke, to see how they use Bizimply in their business.


How long have you been using Bizimply?
We started using Bizimply after we opened in August 2016. We started with estimated projections of sales, cost of labour and tried to work out rosters within an acceptable wage percentage.

This can be very time consuming and before we used Bizimply I had to manually do these things on spreadsheets. As a new restaurant or bar we were under a lot of pressure from the very start.

Had we set up Bizimply before we opened, it would have saved so much time and hassle.

So, you’d recommend restaurants set up Bizimply before opening?
Definitely. Using Bizimply can save you a lot of time, but you need to make sure you know how to use it properly.

At the start we used it mainly for a wage percent calculator and to send emailed rosters, now we use it for HR documents, any recorded staff issues and to comply with some staffing regulations like maximum hours, recorded breaks etc. We even store files on all required documents for staff online, like visas, work permits and any other necessary info.

The more you play around with Bizimply and get used to all of the features, the more you will get out of it.

Bizimply allows me to check the projected wage costs day by day to the actual cost and allows me to monitor the wage percent very closely. If a week is looking like it may be under your target then you can pull it back in line.

The benefits

Were there any benefits of Bizimply that became apparent later, after you had used it for a while?
Yes, as I said we use it now for so many things, we store most of our data on Bizimply due to how easy it is to use.

Every night we do a shift synopsis to record how the day was, did we have enough staff on and most importantly to do a hand over to other managers.

From an HR perspective, Bizimply helps us keep everything in check. We can store digital records of things like work visas, PPS numbers, commencement dates or medical records on files within employee’s profiles.

You can record when people are late, training sessions, log any issues and put notes on their files. Being able to store and find these documents so quickly is very helpful, especially for inspectors or health and safety visits.

Has Bizimply helped the communication between yourself and your staff?
It has. Using Bizimply is a very efficient way of getting a roster out to so many different people.

There are times when we would have to amend the roster mid-week maybe due to increased bookings or other events in the area and it is very easy to send an updated roster to selected employees, you can even leave a note as to why there is a shift change which is really handy.

If you had to pick just one, what is your favourite feature of Bizimply? And why?
The wage percentage calculator. One of the most important things I must do is keep the wage percent within a certain limit. I track the predicted costs, the actual costs and tweak the roster as a result.

Access to that real-time information helps me be proactive rather than reactive. It’s a massive benefit.

What have you found is one of the longer-term impacts of using Bizimply?
The return value of Bizimply is so much more. All of our managers are happy using it so it just makes life easier.

Obviously, we want to deliver great customer service but that has to be done without overstaffing, it’s something Bizimply helps us to find the balance.

What advice would you give to businesses getting started with Bizimply?
Do the proper training. There’s so much more to Bizimply. Put in a small amount of time now to save a huge amount later.

If you get it set up before you open a new business it will save you money and time.

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