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Tuscany Bistro offers the ultimate Italian dining experience. Sabrina Amodeo, the owner of Tuscany Bistro, grew up with two passionate Italian parents who loved to cook and experiment with different styles of food.


Tuscany Bistro started off as a one-location restaurant in Killaloe in 2003. Sabrina & the Tuscany Bistro team’s passion and desire to create delicious food has allowed them to expand their business, now offering fine Italian dining across 3 locations.
We spoke with Sabrina about the challenges that Tuscany Bistro faced before implementing Bizimply and the effect Bizimply had on her business.
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Tuscany Bistro relied on paper-based processes for rostering and employee attendance – ”the old-fashioned way”. 

Sabrina expressed how she would have spent 4 hours per week processing payroll. This was extremely time consuming for the number of staff they had and it meant less time was spent on the restaurant floor where she would have preferred to be. 

For creating rosters, Sabrina explained how much of an issue it was to get done. With no setup in place for employees to book off holidays, these were always factored in at the last minute or after the rota was completed which meant it had to be done again. Also, employees needing swifts swapped led to a long line of communication between different staff members and managers; “you can imagine the confusion”. To run a restaurant efficiently, Sabrina knew this strategy was not a professional way and something needed to change.


Sabrina first heard about Bizimply from another business in the hospitality industry; “I knew someone who was using Bizimply. She was raving about it so I knew it would be positive”. She wanted to make sure they were incorporating best practices into their business so decided to implement Bizimply across 3 locations. Since, Sabrina has noticed many positive changes across her business. 

It now only takes Tuscany Bistro one hour to create their rosters for 3 restaurants, with 50 staff. There is such a difference in the amount of time that was previously spent creating these weekly schedules. Sabrina now has time to focus on other areas of the business that were slightly abandoned beforehand, overall business efficiency has improved. 

Sabrina admits she has seen a massive improvement in the communication between staff. 

Bizimply has created a huge awareness of the impact of incorrect labour scheduling.

Huge time savings have been made in Tuscany Bistro as they can now complete payroll within an hour, saving them 3 hours. Sabrina is a big fan of Bizimply’s Manager App. It allows her to check who’s clocked in & she also has access to her employees information. She laughed saying; “now, my team is getting more creative with their daily clock-in photos, we get a kick out of it”. 

Sabrina found the roll-out of Bizimply across her three locations very easy; “the roll-out was an absolute pleasure” and she loved the support she received from the Bizimply team. When asked if she would recommend Bizimply to other businesses, her reply was: “Absolutely. I would 100% recommend Bizimply. I wouldn’t be recommending services I didn’t completely have faith in.”

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