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Sim Trava is a Costa Coffee franchisee that operates 34 stores across the North of England, employing around 400 people. As an ever-growing business, Sim Trava needed a workforce management system in order to deal with the expansion of their stores & their number of employees.

We talked to Operations Director, Jim Smith to learn about Sim Trava’s success story with Bizimply.

Sim Trava


Before implementing Bizimply, Sim Trava had no system in place to manage their employee time & attendance.

“We began to trial another supplier and we exhausted that one.”​

The key issues were:

• The lack of daily control on labour vs sales.

• Scheduling & forecasting costs were very difficult. Forward planning was not possible.

• Managers were struggling with their manual processes as they had no support.

• Each store manager spent 2 hours per week processing payroll.

• One of their main challenges with payroll was duplication.

The Solution

Jim was recommended to use Bizimply by another tech company, Ezora.
Bizimply’s integration with Ezora allows for Sim Trava to gain full control of their business from employee management to sales reporting.

After trialling Bizimply in three of their stores, Sim Trava soon realised the value of the system & began implementing Bizimply into all of their 34 stores.

• They have the ability to review labour costs on a daily basis.

• Improved communication between him & the store managers; “Communication is much more proactive”.

• He has seen a ‘​significant improvement​’ in processing the payroll.

• Store Managers can now do their rota weeks in advance

• Store Managers were struggling with their manual processes & now they receive additional support.


“The one thing that was consistent was people coming back saying ‘right this is a really good tool, why didn’t we have this before’, it’s all very positive.”

When asked if he would recommend Bizimply to other businesses, Jim’s response was:

“Very much so, I already done it. The challenge for me was a disciplined, self funding in terms of the cost perspective, to communicate and be able to take action quickly.”


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