The Irish Heritage Trust, established in 2006, is dedicated to caring for and bringing historic properties in Ireland to life. With a focus on conservation, education, and sustainability, they manage and welcome visitors to landmark heritage properties across Ireland.

We had a chat with Laura Killeen, the Human Resources Officer at Irish Heritage Trust. She sheds light on some of the challenges the organisation was facing before the implementation of Bizimply.

Challenges faced before bizimply

Before implementing Bizimply, Irish Heritage Trust encountered some challenges in its daily operations:

Manual Payroll Process: The previous time management system lacked integration with the payroll system, resulting in a laborious and inefficient payroll process.

Laura Killeen, the Human Resources Officer, recalls, “Without Bizimply, our supervisors and managers were required to manually prepare weekly timesheets”

Communication and Scheduling: The absence of a software solution for sharing schedules with staff made communication regarding schedule changes complex and time-consuming.

Laura mentions, “Our employee files were partly digital and partly hard copy, leading to difficulties in managing schedules across multiple sites.”

Employee Onboarding: The manual onboarding process was labour-intensive, involving printing, signing, and scanning documents which was not practical for employees, or our HR team.

Reporting Capabilities: The lack of robust reporting tools hindered the Trust’s ability to derive meaningful HR metrics and identify areas for improvement.

bizimply's solution

Bizimply provided a comprehensive solution to Irish Heritage Trust’s challenges:

Payroll Process Efficiency: Integrating Bizimply’s timecards function with their payroll system streamlined the payroll process, reducing manual input and the potential for human error. This resulted in significant time savings and improved accuracy.

Communication and Schedule Management: Bizimply’s scheduling feature enabled efficient communication of schedule changes to staff, enhancing operational agility and reducing potential confusion.

Employee Onboarding Automation: The e-signature function in Bizimply facilitated a 100% paperless HR function, streamlining the onboarding process and reducing errors associated with manual paperwork.

Reporting Capabilities: Bizimply’s reporting tools empowered the Trust to derive actionable insights for process improvement and resource allocation, leading to enhanced efficiency and productivity.


Bizimply’s implementation at Irish Heritage Trust has resulted in significant improvements in efficiency, productivity, and employee satisfaction. By addressing the organization’s pain points with tailored solutions, Bizimply has become an invaluable asset in supporting the Trust’s mission and driving its success.

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