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Freshwater Beach Holiday Park is nestled in the heart of the British countryside. The park has a mission to provide families with unforgettable holidays and create lasting memories, accommodating thousands of holidaygoers during peak months.

Surrounded by picturesque landscapes and a short stroll from the beach, the camping area spans over 20 acres. Freshwater Beach Holiday Park also offers amusements and outdoor play areas with daily children’s activities, a private beach, and more!

Near the touring and camping fields at Freshwater Beach, you will find pools, restaurants, bars, and entertainment.

Their goal? To create happy family memories that will last forever.

We had a chat with James Newman, the General Manager at Freshwater Holiday Park, to find out how they use Bizimply to tackle their company’s challenges.

The Challenge

Freshwater Beach Holiday Park faced a significant challenge in managing its large and dynamic workforce of around 160 employees.

Previously using manual processes, including paper timesheets, was both labour-intensive and error-prone. The park turned to Bizimply to enhance efficiency and accuracy in workforce management.

The manual timesheet system demanded considerable time and effort. It took approximately three full days every two weeks for two employees to manage payroll. The volume of staff and the need for accurate records prompted the search for a more efficient and reliable solution.

The Solution

Bizimply brought real-time visibility to Freshwater Beach Holiday Park’s workforce.

“Switching to Bizimply was about getting a clearer, ongoing picture instead of sticking to paper every fortnight. Honestly, it used to take us at least three full days every two weeks, with two of us working on it. Now we breeze through the whole process in just a couple of minutes.” James Newman, General Manager

The transition from manual timesheets to Bizimply allowed instant tracking of employee arrivals. This eliminated reliance on error-prone paper records. Having comprehensive reports at the end of each pay period streamlined payroll processing, saving time and resources.

“Bizimply also offered efficient support as we went live. After a few months, we were running smoothly, no further help needed. By Easter, everything was seamlessly in place.” James Newman, General Manager

Bizimply’s simple interface ensured ease of use for the back-office team. It also led to efficient adoption by diverse staff, including department heads and frontline employees.

Freshwater Beach Holiday Park’s success story shows how Bizimply transformed operations and efficiency.

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