At Yamamori, their inspiration and drive is to educate. Yamamori brought Japanese food to Dublin 25 years ago and they have added more dishes and authenticity to their offering as time moved on. They want to continue to do that along with improving their service and products. They believe that finding the right quality products is a never ending journey.

Dining at Yamamori, they like to keep the experience at the core of what they do, for the team, it’s not just about the food it’s also about entertainment and comfort. At Yamamori you’ll get music, audio visual, service and quality with a smile!

Yamamori has expanded over the years to include a number of restaurants and bars across Dublin. With expansion comes more responsibilities and management of staff which is why they required the right software that could help. Previously, they had tried a few different workforce management systems but couldn’t find the one that matched their overall needs. Fortunately, they found Bizimply and joined the community of people who have also overcome similar pain points. 

The Challenge

As business was thriving and all restaurants were performing greatly, Rory was faced with the new challenge of managing a much larger team that was now spread across three locations. Although, in our eyes it’s not the worst challenge to come across! 

“We were using Excel spreadsheets to create our weekly rosters,” says Rory. Rory has spent some time in the industry but this ample experience still didn’t overwrite the pain points that come when trying to schedule your staff. 

“With more than one location to schedule for, it became difficult to see where our staff were available to work as we currently share some across different locations. Alongside that was the challenge of seeing who had booked time off for holidays or were unavailable to work. Having no clear overview of this was quite frustrating at times.”

It was difficult managing the Time and Attendance of staff; “wages are the biggest cost in any business, getting accurate hours isn’t easy”. Rory and his team were using manual processes to manage the Time and Attendance of staff which meant that hours were forgotten or inaccurate and wasted a lot of time when it came to payroll. The lack of accuracy led to an overspend on wages every week and was costing the business valuable profit. 

The Solution

Making the digital switch has truly paid off for Rory and the team at Yamamori. Their scheduling and timesheets have been completely automated and are helping every shift run like clockwork. “Bizimply has helped us become totally efficient in allocating our resources with more consideration, we’re now creating smarter schedules and we can see as we build the schedule that we’re staying compliant with working hours too”

Rory is definitely more confident with pay rates when it comes to wages and has reduced time spent on creating schedules up to 2-3 hours; “we’re really happy about how Bizimply makes our life easier and how easy it is for our staff to clock in/out using the Timestation app”. Rory uses this time now to exert into other areas of the business and spending more time out on the floor with his team and customers. 

“All employee hours are recorded when they clock in and out, the accuracy feeding straight through to each timesheet is brilliant. All I have to do then is approve and they go through to our payroll system. There’s no errors from manual entry and importantly, there is no delay with staff wages.”

Rory also loves the accountability that comes with HR; “having somewhere to manage and store our employee documents from CV’s to new hire forms, contracts and that, the accessibility and ease to just quickly pull up a document when you need it is convenient and can even be done when I’m on the go!”

For employees to excel in their performance and to deliver the experience that customers expected when dining at Yamamori it’s important to ensure that the operations side of the business is managed effectively. This requires proper staff training, efficient scheduling, and clear communication between the teams and across locations. It also means paying your employees the right amount at the right time, every time. With Bizimply, this is exactly what you can achieve.

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