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BB’s Coffee and Muffins (short for bakers and baristas) have a passion for baking!

They are a coffee & muffin chain of cafés which first began in Australia in 1981. They came to the UK & Ireland in 1997 and now have over 50 cafés here and are continuing to expand. Behind the counters you’ll see their bakers mixing batter, filling cake tins, loading ovens and hand decorating all our bakery goods fresh every day.

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The Challenge

Like many companies in the hospitality industry, BB’s were using Excel spreadsheets to manage all of their employee schedules, track attendance, calculate labour costs and sales information.

Managing 41 different locations created some major challenges, especially for the teams at head office responsible for finance, accounting, payroll and operations. Time management issues and an inaccurate view of weekly hours and costs were the main problems they faced.

Store Managers experienced similar challenges. They were spending too much time inputting scheduled and actual hours worked into spreadsheets, creating rosters manually and had trouble keeping track of other store- related and employee-related matters while running the day-to-day.

The Solution

BB’s wanted to gain better visibility into the weekly attendance of employees and consequently gain more control over their labour costs as a percentage of their sales.

With easy and accurate attendance management, through scheduling and staff clocking in and out on the Timestation App, the Bizimply dashboard shows the predicted and actual labour hours and costs.

While labour hours are tracked in real time, sales info is input to the system to show an actual and forecasted labour sales %. Managers are then able to see whether they are on target for the week and take corrective action.

“It was really simple to roll out across our 41 location estate and our area managers and employees love using it.”

Bizimply allows managers and regional operations managers to keep track of all these metrics and easily manage their schedules accordingly, which in turn positively impacts the bottom-line.

“For the first time we have live visibility on who is working in each of our locations throughout the UK and Ireland at any time. This means we can proactively manage our staff and centrally control labour expense which is yielding real savings.”

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