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N11 @ the Ashford House is Ashford, Wicklow’s newest bar and restaurant experience.

The Wicklow family restaurant offers diners a modern and homely restaurant experience that combines delicious food with a comfortable inviting atmosphere. 

Their menu has been carefully crafted by professional chefs and combines familiar favourites with some more adventurous dishes; which have been influenced by cuisines from all over the world. The fully stocked bar at N11 @ the Ashford House features some of Ireland’s favourite tipples, along with a few carefully selected artisan beers, wines, gins and spirits. Sounds tempting!

The Challenge

Jane found there was a lack of control when it came to the time and attendance of her employees and it started to become a main concern for Jane and her team.  She had no accurate record of times that staff clocked in and out as everything was manually recorded on paper and Jane was unsure whether staff were taking the correct break times. This was stressful at times as Jane liked to be compliant and run things by the books. 

“Our previous methods were mostly manual, I was constantly worried whether we were being compliant or not with working time directives.” 

It also led to wasted time spent correcting wage issues; “we were spending a long time fixing errors and managing our payroll.”

This was another key focus for Jane,  to reduce staff admin. She knew it was time to replace manual processes with a system that can better manage her team and save business time.

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The Solution

“Implementing the Bizimply Timestation was the best thing we have ever done!”. Having an iPad onsite to manage time and attendance of her staff has completely streamlined how N11 Ashford House operates. Staff are now able to clock in and out as they arrive and leave for their shift, they are able to clock out for the break and clock back in on return. As a result, Jane has completely accurate time records for every member of staff who has completed their shifts. Once these timecards are approved within the Bizimply account by Jane herself, they automatically export to the integrated payroll system and payroll is completed in minutes. 

“Looking back, I cannot believe how much time was wasted on manually doing payroll. With Bizimply, it only takes minutes to do and there are little to no errors!”

The team are completely onboard with Bizimply, they love the transparency of it all and that they receive their schedules straight to their phone. “We all love the GPS clocking, we use it a lot. The MyZimply App is our favourite part as our employees can see information quickly and from anywhere – they can get their schedule up in seconds.” 

With more upfront visibility on leave, labour costs, and training Jane can more effectively manage shifts with fewer errors and updates required.

“I have also noticed a big uplift in how our team is working together, there is definitely an improvement in the productivity and engagement of our team.” Having a formal time off and Unavailability process brings huge benefits to both your business and to your staff. It enables managers to be more in control, it means less schedule errors as time off and unavailability automatically appear when creating the schedule and in turn, it leads to happier employees as they are able to organise their social lives as well. 

Jane plans to roll out Bizimply into another location; “We are opening up another location soon and we plan to use the GPS there too to help us manage staff. The convenience of being able to see who has clocked in and at which location will be super!”

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