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Dingle Hospitality is a hotel group located in Ireland. They cater to every guest, whether you’re an old friend or a first-timer, visiting us for the day, or staying overnight, on business, or for pleasure, everyone is welcome.  All hotels feature individually designed bedrooms, with the latest technology, sustainable practices, and stylish designs.  

From escaping couples and exploring families, to wedding guests and corporate groups, we have the facilities, the people and the 4* service to take care of all kinds of business and leisure.

Offering great quality service, luxurious accommodation and old world charm, Dingle Hospitality is currently made up of five hotels and a laundry service; The Hillgrove Hotel, Dingle Harbour Lodge, Seaview Heights, The Waterfront, Quayside and Dingle Linen Service.

We caught up with Daniel, Group Operations Manager, to discuss how Bizimply was going for them.

The Challenge

Previous to Bizimply, Dingle Hospitality Group were using an alternative employee software to try and accomplish their everyday operational tasks and manage staff. Unfortunately, it wasn’t fulfilling the duties how they thought the system would. “It was difficult to use and one pain point in particular was that it didn’t allow imports with our payroll provider, Sage.”

“Ultimately at the end of the month, there wasn’t any real reporting to give us clarity into our payroll,” says Daniel.

The Scheduling had improved slightly when they implemented the previous software, however, they regularly still had problems with certain areas and it could end up quite confusing the more staff they had scheduled. 

“The scheduling feature wasn’t as seamless as it could have been, which led to confusion when creating the weekly schedules and ended up not saving us much time!”

There was no visibility over projected wage spend. The schedules were never approved based on commercial factors like labour cost or wage percentage, instead based solely on the number of hours scheduled.

When it came to staff requesting time off, there was no formal process in place as such. Employees would usually text the manager if they weren’t available or wanted to book off for a shift. Often, this would be forgotten, or managers would have to scan through text messages to see who had booked off, which resulted in more wasted time. 

They knew there was a better way to manage these tasks.

The Solution

The search began for a new solution, they were disappointed that a system that should have improved operational efficiency, ended up doing the opposite. 

This is how Dingle Hospitality Group found Bizimply. 

“It needed to be more user friendly, help us save time to focus on other areas of the business, make payroll more accurate and work seamlessly,” says Daniel. 

Since implementing Bizimply feedback from the team has been extremely important. “Employees understand the benefits of the software and notice the difference in getting jobs done.Managers and teams are able to communicate more efficiently through the app. 

“There’s a lot more transparent communication, and it’s all easier to manage,”

In regards to payroll, Bizimply integrates perfectly with Sage, their payroll provider. 

The integration allows operators to deliver payroll-ready exports of their attendance data quickly and efficiently as Bizimply is a cloud based system. 

“We can immediately input into Sage’s payroll software, saving ourselves time and money. It also eliminates the double entry of data, we are reassured we are getting accurate reports.

Accurate reports allow the Dingle Hospitality Group to analyse their business performance across all locations. They can then see if there is a need for improvements in particular areas.

Time off is handled much more proficiently with Bizimply. Staff are able to submit their requests through the app and can now also put in unavailability if they have recurring days they are not able to work.

“Approved time off or unavailability requests automatically appear on the schedule, meaning nobody can be scheduled for a shift they’re booked off for. This has resulted in managers being able to complete schedules in less than 30 minutes.”

This is one of Daniels favourite features since they rolled out Bizimply!

“It’s obvious a lot of thought went into developing this feature, it has the customer in mind. Speaking with many of my friends who are in the same industry, they all experience the same problems. It’s great to find a solution that will improve our business and how it operates. I will definitely be recommending Bizimply to them!”

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