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Banagher totalhealth Pharmacy is an independently owned pharmacy based in the small Offaly town of Banagher. The pharmacy was opened by Joan Hennessy in 2005 and it has been serving the health needs of the local community ever since.

The pharmacy joined forces with the totalhealth Pharmacy Group and rebranded in 2014. It has grown since with the support of the large national network, while retaining the important core values of an individual, personalised service from a caring family business. This is a great benefit for customers and gives invaluable support to a small business like Joan’s.

In order to provide a professional health service, Joan knew that she required software that would help manage her workforce. Joan’s difficulties lay in scheduling, time tracking of her staff and payroll, but since implementing Bizimply, these challenges have been overcome. 

The Challenge

The Time and Attendance data that Joan originally obtained was often inconsistent, which meant timesheets had to be manually filled in and done from memory if staff didn’t clock in or out themselves. The process was unreliable and labour costs were high. This inconsistency was also shown through the manual payroll process, calculations would often be wrong for overtime or holiday rates or the wrong times being inputted. 

“The correct information wasn’t being submitted and this was getting costly.”

Previously for scheduling, Joan used a combination of Excel spreadsheets and WhatsApp messages to organise, publish and share the rotas, as well as recording hours worked and keeping holiday requests or unavailability of employees. Often it would lead to staff missing their shifts as they missed the notification the rota was published or they misread the rota. As this started happening more regularly, frustrations began to rise. 


The Solution

The Time and Attendance is still Joan’s favourite part of the product. Bizimply has enabled Banagher totalhealth to automate an important part of the payroll process, and has eliminated manual calculations of how to accurately pay staff for their over-time; “I am reassured now that these hours are accurate and I can save on my labour costs. Bizimply sends all of that data with just one click, so it’s a very convenient solution.” Joan has access to this data from anywhere and can view it at her own convenience through the Bizimply app. 

“I can check and agree on the hours weekly, and sign them off weekly, whereas before Bizimply, I had to rely on the honesty of my staff. The accuracy and the speed of payroll is much better, there are fewer errors and employees are happy to be getting paid the correct amount and on time.”

Scheduling has also seen major improvements. Building of the schedule is now completed in minutes, the popular shifts feature makes it easier for Joan to drag and drop the shift onto the schedule. The labour costs automatically update on the graph as the schedule is being built, which provides Joan with an overview of the costs for that week and where she can make changes if necessary. 

Bizimply also helped Joan keep track of employee requests for holiday leave, streamlining the process and cutting down on any administrative work was a plus. 

“I love that staff can now request holidays or submit unavailability through the MyZimply App. Before, there would be phone calls, texts or even notes left in the office. Bizimply gives me a clear overview of who is booked off and allows me to rearrange my schedule accordingly with no hassle.”

Bizimply has saved Joan so much time and improved operations within Banagher totalhealth pharmacy. With this extra time and reassurance, Joan is able to focus on other areas of the pharmacy and ensure they are providing an excellent service to their community. 

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