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Modern, fresh and community retailing is what Gala’s all about!

Since the Gala Group was established in 1998, they’ve come a long way. From a small number of retailers they’ve created a strong national brand that symbolises modern, fresh and community retailing. 

Gala stores are now regarded as amongst the best convenience retailers in Ireland, as demonstrated by the many awards and accolades that the Group, its retailers and partnerships have received over the years, with many more to come! 

Gala strives to deliver the best in community retailing, day in, day out, and they hope that every experience a customer has in one of our stores, is a ‘memorable’ one.

Kevin runs a Gala in Straffan, we caught up with him to see how Bizimply has been going since it was rolled out across three stores.

The Challenge

Kevin explained that before Bizimply; “we used to either hand write out a roster or do it up on an excel sheet. It was never properly costed out, which meant more times than often the shop would run over budget”

With the current increase in costs and business expenditure, Kevin knew that operations could not continue this way. 

He also shared; “we always had late starts.”

The business had no formal way of recording accurate times staff worked, so again, over spending on labour was an issue.

Time off requests was another challenge within the business; “The recording of holidays was always very unclear and confusing as to who was owed what, especially when staff were leaving.

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The Solution

Kevin’s operations have streamlined with Bizimply. 

Holiday and time off requests are much easier to process; 

“What’s great about Bizimply is it’s all recorded on the system and so easy to look back on if there is a query, also to be able to see what’s left to be paid out on holidays so managers can plan rostering better.”

Rostering staff has become a dream for Kevin. He likes that rostering can be done remotely with an automatic email sent out to employees of their hours once it is published.

With simple ‘drag n drop’ features, creating popular shift times and holiday requests automatically showing on the schedule, it has become much simpler and time spent has been reduced by 20%.

“With Bizimply as it’s costed to the cent and agreed before the roster is put up for the following week.”

“The timekeeping has also improved dramatically as the staff know they have to clock in now, so it’s all tracked.”

Bizimply’s Timestation has put ownership onto the staff to clock in and out for their shifts. It records accurate clocks in times and once approved in the timecards feature, can be exported straight to payroll. 

“Payroll time has been cut in half, it takes minutes and there are no errors from manually entering the data as it is all automated.” 

Kevin mentioned that Bizimply is helping the business stay compliant; “having all the reports readily available for the WRC is both convenient and efficient.”

His final note;

“Bizimply is very good at structuring budgets, recording all staff information, proving compliance for any inspection of NERA, and giving complete control over staff hours and costs”. 

We are pleased with the changes Kevin has been able to make in Gala with Bizimply. 

It encourages our team to continue dedicating their time to work with such an amazing product to ensure every shift runs like clockwork!

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