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December 2018


Established in 2017 and with headquarters in Waterford, Causeway Hospitality Limited is a seven-location enterprise comprising a nightclub (Factory), three bars (Woodman, Sinnotts and Masons), and three hotels (Greenway Manor Hotel, The Sands Hotel and Arlington Lodge Suites). Together, they employ 150 staff, all based in or around Waterford City.


To manage these staff, 15 admins, managers and supervisors log into Bizimply. It’s easy: but it was not always that way.

The Challenge

Before Causeway was introduced to Bizimply, managers would draw up rosters manually in Excel and stick them up on a staff noticeboard. “It was very time-consuming having to work out the breaks and add up the hours each week,” comments Leona Walsh, Causeway Hospitality Accounts.

Moreover, there was no budgeting information and cost control shared between each location and head office.

Staff would fill in paper timesheets that were sent to Causeway’s head office and manually entered onto a master Excel sheet.

The information was then transferred, again manually, to a Sage Payroll Professional for the payroll calculations. “We were paying based off what staff put down on their own timesheet – too much back and forth and too many mistakes,” says Leona.

The Solution

Then, in late November 2018, Causeway Hospitality’s Director Sean Johnston learned about Bizimply. After a few weeks, the application was fully implemented.

Using a simple and intuitive drag and drop, managers now put shifts onto a roster, which gets costed as it is being built. Head office staff can see the same information immediately and make sure they are within budget for each location.

The accuracy of recording and monitoring attendance has also been massively improved. “The attendance function in Bizimply gives us a really quick overview of the week, how many people were working in each location, department and day,” says Leona.

I can sit at my desk and see how 3 hotels are performing. What sales are and what our labour costs are in comparison,” adds Keith Millea, Group Director of Hotel Operations. “You’re looking at your spending live, you can spot any problems before it happens.


Because the timecards are visible to managers at any time on their tablets or mobile devices, the process of approving timecards at the end of the week has been massively improved.

Timecard information is now uploaded automatically to Sage Payroll Professional, saving hours of valuable time. “It used to take half a day per week and that’s easily halved with the Sage Payroll Professional import;” says Leona. “What’s more, we were paying based on what staff put down on their own timesheet – which meant there was too much back and forth and too many mistakes.

It was really time-consuming having to work out the breaks and add up the hours each week,” concludes Leona. “But that is now all in the past since we introduced Bizimply.


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