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Reardens first opened its doors in 1835 and has been thriving as a famous landmark in Cork ever since. Situated on the bustling street known as Washington Street, the bar is famous across Ireland as Cork’s largest bar venue for live music, entertainment and a place that welcomes sport enthusiasts to watch live matches on the mega screen. The bar attracts live acts from all over Ireland and has become the place to be for entertainment in Cork City.

This traditional bar is also full of eccentric corners and seating areas, whether it is next to the open fire or in front of the action on the MEGA screen – There is a seat for everyone to enjoy the experience at Reardens. Historical GAA and Rugby match programs and tickets line the walls of the bar symbolising how deep-rooted Rearden’s passion for sport and Ireland goes. A feature wall also displays carefully sourced Hurley’s that have stood the test of time, each with their own story.

Whether it be chilling out with a cocktail or dancing your heart out, the atmosphere is set for you to enjoy the variety of venues created.

The Challenge

Reardens truly is the centre point for providing a fun experience, so they were definitely doing something right! However, the team felt there were still a number of factors holding them back to reach their full potential. We spoke with HR Manager, Cliona to get an insight as to why they chose Bizimply. 

Scheduling was a laborious task 

With such a huge workforce of over 400 employees, creating schedules on Excel wasn’t doing managers any favours; “our managers could spend far too many hours creating schedules every week, with the different bars onsite and having shared staff across locations too, there was so much to factor in. Also when staff would book time off, finding the right person to cover that shift was difficult.”

When it comes to staff booking time off you can only imagine the nightmare of trying to sort out shifts. Ensuring that those covering a different shift had the required experience to cover customer demand was essential. 

Cliona also shared how they wanted the ability to monitor staff time with greater accuracy; a tool that would give their team more accountability when it came to clocking in and out. Also, for HR and staying compliant, they wanted everything stored in one centralised place so it was easily accessible when documents were needed or requested. 

Too often, there were errors made when it came to payroll; which is to be expected with such a large workforce and manually entering data. “It was creating too many recurring problems and leading to unhappy employees as they would sometimes receive the incorrect pay.”

The Solution

Managers with a workforce of this size shouldn’t have to manually perform their daily tasks. This takes too much of their time away from focusing on their teams and greeting and serving customers. 

Scheduling has drastically improved since Reardens implemented Bizimply. “The software is extremely easy to use, we have created popular shift times that suit our business and we can even separate out the different bar locations so it is easier to see who is working and where they have been assigned.” 

“We have reduced time significantly on creating the weekly schedules.”

Payroll is consistently accurate thanks to a more meticulous approach of monitoring accurate time and attendance. The real-time visibility over costs has also helped the business to schedule staff time more efficiently and achieve the perfect balance between number of employees and customer demand.

“The integration between Bizimply and our payroll system; Quantum has been life changing! We no longer have to manually enter hours that our staff have worked as the accurate hours are recorded straight from the Timestation where staff clock in and out.”

The HR team no longer have to worry about carrying around employee documents, these can be easily accessed in their Bizimply account; “we can store all documents safely and securely, this way we know we are being compliant. The account is also great for onboarding checklists and reminding us of any staff training that is due.” There are so many features that have saved the team time.

“We have much happier employees, a more productive and engaging workforce and we are able to provide an even better experience for our customers to maintain what we are well renowned for; a good night’s craic!”

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