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Jennie Allen opened Bayley & Sage in the autumn of 1997 when we opened the doors of our Wimbledon Village store to our first customers and never looked back! People often ask how Jennie came by the name. Bayley & Sage is in fact named partly after the son of a friend, as an homage to the next generation and combined it with sage, as reference to both the herb and wisdom. Bayley & Sage was born!  

Thirteen years later the second store was established in Parsons Green. The desire to sell great food to the people of London gained pace and more store openings followed. You can find them in Wimbledon Village, Parsons Green, Turnham Green, Fulham, Battersea, Wandsworth, Chelsea and Belgravia. 

A Distribution Centre, a Production Kitchen, a Central Hub, and a homeware store Abode to complement our food offering were added to the estate by the end of 2021. At the point of setting up the third store, Jennie was presented with some serious health issues which further reinforced her belief and passion for fresh food being a vital part of good health and a happy lifestyle.  

 The stores are based in communities filled with friendly families and a village atmosphere. They love getting to know their customers personally, enjoy chatting with them about their products and receiving their feedback.  

The Challenge

Managing Director Terry started to review different areas of the business and found the previous solution they had implemented was not fit for purpose, creating more work than needed. 

They needed a system where they could have detailed customer support from the very beginning and an easy to use solution not only for employees but also management, payroll, HR and other departments. 

Terrys main wants from Bizimply were; support and training while rolling out, efficient and effective roll out and a complete overview of the entire business in one location.

With 13 locations to manage, it isn’t easy. Trying to keep track of employees hours, payroll, time off requests, scheduling, labour costs, good customer service, the list goes on, it can be difficult to control. Implementing an easy to use employee management software that would solve their pain points was key to their success. 

One of the main problems they encountered was managing staff across different locations. They had no way of accurately tracking the hours they had clocked in for and when they had clocked in onsite. 

Bayley- & sage

The Solution

Terry and his team love the visibility they have with Bizimply. Their employees have their own personal employee profiles and with the MyZimply software app, they can access their schedules on their mobile phone.

This accessibility has improved our relationship with our staff, they know well in advance when their shifts are, they can now make plans outside of work much easier!”

With Bizimply’s Timestation app, the shared staff at Bayley & Sage can now clock in and out using the same unique pin. 

This is extremely convenient for both us and them as they don’t have to keep track of their hours and at which location they worked that day and neither do we! All hours automatically upload to our account, plus, we are reassured they have shown up for their shift as we can see what time they have clocked in.”

The Customer Success team at Bizimply are dedicated to helping all our customers achieve their goals, which was one of Terrys main wants. They are there to support at all times, providing valuable resources and answers to any concerns the team at Bayley and Sage may have. 

The Payroll and HR teams have also seen huge improvements in their departments. Payroll has been a much more seamless process due to the tracking of accurate hours and leave management; “errors in payroll have decreased significantly”.

The HR team love having everything at the click of a button; “the centralised document storage system is brilliant for accessing documents at any time. When we need to find a document we are no longer searching through folders and wasting time.” 

Only a few months in, Bayley & Sage have already seen great developments within the company which they believe will only continue.  

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