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Stemming from “chi”, short for “chikin” plus “mac” from “maekju”, Korean for beer, Chimac is the number one establishment in Dublin for all your Korean fried chicken needs. We caught up with Garrett and Sofie to find out why Chimac chose Bizimply for their people management needs.

The Background

In 2014, Garrett and Sofie, who are not only life partners as well as business partners, firstly discovered their addiction for Korean Fried Chicken when living in San Francisco for a year. It was further confirmed when they visited Korea for a wedding where the bride and groom weren’t the only ones falling in love. This is where Garret and Sofie knew fried chicken was the one – a love story at its finest. Having surpassed the initial challenges of opening up their own restaurant in Dublin, they discovered a few more on the way as their need for an increase in employees began to grow.


The Challenge

When opening the restaurant, Sofie & Garrett didn’t think they would need a system to handle scheduling, attendance & HR. They were so busy when they opened that they quickly found the problems of running manual processes.

Scheduling was done on Google Sheets and a hard-to-read screenshot was sent around WhatsApp groups. Often changes that were made weren’t shared with staff, leading to people missing shifts and overstaffing at times.

Attendance was taken on a sign-in book – but staff often forgot, didn’t record their breaks, and even when it was done – Sofie was too busy running the restaurant to properly review and use the data.

The Solution

Sofie has managed to save a lot of time with the drag and drop schedule feature; “With Bizimply, it’s so easy to see the hours per day and per week alongside the holidays booked by staff weeks in advance. Now it takes me a few minutes to do the schedule every week. It’s enjoyable even!”

She has also gained more insights into her own business that she never realised before; “I didn’t know how many hours were spent each day or how many hours were needed per day.”

Sofie initially highlighted that she would like to ensure employees are taking the correct break times assigned; “We’d get mistakes from breaks and hours worked”. With our clock in and out system it has now reassured her staff are taking the correct break times as our time station app tracks this for you.

As compliance is one of Bizimply’s core values, we love when other businesses can adopt the same approach. “A lot of staff are on student visas, which means they can only work a certain amount of hours per week. I love the fact I can track and measure that we’re staying compliant. We believe it provides accountability and builds your employees confidence in you.”

When Sofie was asked if there were any features within Bizimply she didn’t realise she would use so much, she revealed; “I love being able to see the costs per day, week & between FOH and Kitchen. Having that data of how much we’re spending day to day has allowed us to see where we’ve been both over and understaffed.”

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