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The Briar Rose Bar and Grill have been serving for over 50 years. It is a recently renovated full Bar & Grill, a casual yet high quality food outlet conveniently located just a small few minutes from both the city centre and Douglas village in County Cork, Ireland. Serving up a delicious, full grill menu as well as a convenient, value-centric offering for lunch 7 days a week. Evenings offer a more grill-based menu – but the menu remains varied with dishes such as fish, curries, burgers, steaks and vegetarian & coeliac-friendly dishes always on offer. Plenty to choose from and we definitely recommend you to check it out!

The Challenge

Being established for over 50 years, the owners certainly had a lot of experience in the hospitality industry. As both the business and team began to grow, Manager Peter Fahey knew they had to find a way to streamline and automate many of their manual management processes. So, he decided to research a number of time and attendance management systems and opted to use Bizimply. “From the demo, it just looked like such a simple platform to use.”

To ensure the service was exceptional and customers enjoyed their experience in the restaurant, Peter knew they needed to change how their business processes were done like managing the schedule and Time and Attendance of their staff. 

“We need to ensure that we look after them on the operations side of the business. Staff should be given top class training, efficient scheduling, and clear communication from their managers.”

Staff were signing in and out on a piece of paper, from that; “admin staff had to manually input the data into their systems, which was quite a time-consuming process.” It was a long and unnecessary process as well as a huge administrative headache for Peter and his team. 

Running the operations this way also meant the business was unable to gain insights into historical data which left it difficult for demand planning. 

The Solution

“These days, everything is automated and streamlined,” says Peter. “Our scheduling and timecards are now running perfectly. Bizimply has helped us become totally efficient in planning shifts and covering demand from customers over busier rush hour periods.”

“All staff hours now feed straight into payroll. I can now view and approve quickly, giving me more time to be out front with my team. Each member of our team knows exactly when they are scheduled on and when their shift is starting.” There’s no longer any miscommunications or confusion with Peter’s team, and importantly, they are getting paid the right wages and on time every week.

Fahey truly appreciates Bizimply’s reporting features. “All the data is easy to access and I can download reports on just about everything. This gives us the opportunity to analyse where we are performing strongly and identify the areas to improve business. We have full visibility and control over staff costs.”

On the MyZimply app, the staff love the clear communication. From receiving the schedule straight to their mobile, being able to pull it up at any time to check when they are working. 

All in all, processes have been revolutionised at the Briar Rose Bar and Grill. Peter and his team are loving Bizimply and the positive changes it has done for business. 

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