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The first Scrumdiddly’s Irish Ice Cream shop opened in Donabate in 2012, and customers have been queuing around the block ever since! Following huge success, they expanded and opened in Dún Laoghaire in 2014 and Kilkenny in 2017. Their Scrummy Tubs can be made with over 7000 combinations, and they serve over 140,000 litres of Irish ice cream every year across their shops (WOW! That’s a lot). Definitely the most popular ice cream and many of the Bizimply team are lucky enough to have had the chance to try it and most definitely agree with ice-cream this good, it’s worth the wait. To prepare and provide for the surrounding community, Scrumdiddly’s have a team of just under 100 employees to ensure every shift runs like clockwork!

The Challenge

More and more as the popularity of the ice-cream grew, this meant more locations, with Scrumdiddly’s now having seven stores across Ireland (including two pop up locations in Swords and Mary Street) and more staff to manage.  The team at Scrumdiddly’s could not believe the ever-growing positive responses they were getting, but it also meant that those manual back office jobs were getting to be more laborious and time consuming and the pressure was definitely building up. 

Scrumdiddly’s were previously using Excel spreadsheets to schedule their staff across these five locations. We all know by now manual handling of the rota can be a nightmare especially with multiple locations and just under 100 staff. 

Emily expressed; “As we continued opening more locations and three pop-up locations throughout the Summer months, it started eating into our precious time that we would have preferred to spend focusing on other areas of the business or serving our customers. Planning shifts across multiple locations and getting the rota out on time started to become one of those tasks everyone tried to avoid.”

“Rota planning was incredibly time consuming and with no formal process of leave management in place this also added to the stress as we never had a clear view of who was available to work or who had booked that day off.”

Managers were relying on staff to communicate their working hours which in itself was a time consuming process as well as a costly one. There would be a string of messages to all staff members to find out the hours worked, which could have taken days before they would receive responses which then could be sent over to the payroll department. 


The Solution

“We have already seen huge savings, our labour costs have been reduced  by 10% from using the Timestation alone”. With staff clocking in and out on the iPad, it allows for complete accuracy of hours worked on employee time cards which automatically sends over to Payroll. 

Using Bizimply’s GPS clock in feature was ideal when it came to Scrumdiddly’s pop-up locations; it allows employees to remotely clock-in and out using their mobile device with Bizimply’s GPS-enabled mobile app. It means managers can see who has clocked in, at what time and the location they have clocked in at. 

The team find having the MyZimply app extremely useful, employees can view their schedules at any time, they can update their employee profiles with all relevant contact information and managers can store documents in employee profiles such as CV’s, working visas or contracts. Having this information securely stored in the cloud means it can be easily accessed and eliminates the paper trail!

Time and Attendance management has now completely improved! Managers can now create weekly schedules with ease and when building the schedule it provides managers with an insight into their overall labour cost, this enables them to identify areas where they could scale down where necessary. They have the ability to compare it to previous weeks so they can closely monitor costs and profitability at each location.  Bizimply can also indicate whether you are over-staffed at any location and you adjust accordingly. A simple but extremely effective tool that allows business to operate more efficiently.

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