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Ellen Chew is a leading restaurateur in London who first made her mark on the capital when she founded Chinatown’s Malaysian and Singaporean restaurant, Rasa Sayang, back in 2008.

Since then, Ellen has formed the expanding Chew On This collection of restaurants, with a passion to show the UK the wonders of dynamic, exciting, and nuanced Southeast East Asian and European cooking. The Chew On This restaurant group encompasses; Rasa Sayang in Chinatown; Mrs Chew’s Chinese Kitchen in Birmingham and Westfield White City; Shan Shui in Bicester Village; Lotus Leaf in Westfield Stratford. The delicious and trendy Arôme Bakery and Negronis are also part of the group. They also opened Lobos Tapas in London Bridge with several partners in 2015 and have since expanded operations into Soho, Frith Street and Heathrow Airport with Shan Shui as well.

For Ellen and her team they pride themselves on their ability to conceptualise exciting food concepts throughout the UK. They have shaped the company in a way that elicits great diversity and the dynamism that it brings. Providing food is Ellen’s passion, so it was only right that she choose Bizimply to assist in transcending this passion. 

The Challenge

Prior to the adoption of Bizimply, the Chew on This Group were previously using a different software which they found after some time using, it just didn’t fulfil the operational duties efficiently. Nor did it improve employee engagement and customer service they appreciated and wanted for their restaurants, so they reverted back to the old manual way of operating before finding Bizimply. 

Managers would use Excel to create the weekly rotas, all Time and Attendance of employees was tracked manually as employees would record their hours on a sheet of paper pinned up in the kitchen. The hours worked then had to be manually entered into payroll which consumed quite a bit of their time. Often employees would forget to record their hours when on site for their shift, therefore the process was delayed again, communications would have to be made to find out the correct hours and then any breaks, overtime or paid holidays would have to be calculated. With manual calculations, this led to error prone payroll and a lot of frustrations. 

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The Solution

By implementing Bizimply’s Scheduling feature it completely transformed how the Managers of each location now complete their schedules. They admire the ability to create popular shifts, the simple drag and drop of these customised popular shifts onto the schedule and the granular  overview of costs available for each department as you build the schedule, it has provided the managers with a deeper understanding of how their location operates; 

“Our managers can now forecast demand for each location, by reviewing our data we have been able to identify the busiest locations and the busier periods and now know the right amount of staff to have on at any given time”. 

Not only has it created smarter schedules, it has saved on labour costs across all locations. Access to real time data like this is extremely valuable for any business. If your goal is to earn profit, then Bizimply software is the right solution for you. 

This extends further to Payroll, with Bizimply you are cutting out all manual payroll processes. Ellen expressed how; “time spent on payroll has been reduced by 10%, Managers have been able to put more focus on their teams and incentivising on more team training to create better customer experiences”. Customer experiences are important for your brand and critical to sustain the growth of your business which Ellen has achieved remarkably.

Having a payroll workflow in place that automatically exports the clocking data from the Bizimply Timestation has prevented any human error,  this manual elimination has saved countless headaches as well as hours spent doing admin work. Employees are getting their correct wages which has resulted in a happier working environment for Ellen and her teams. 

Ellen’s team have now obtained full transparency and visibility into each location with the Time and Attendance clocking in system. The Timestation App is located in each of their sites so they can see what time and which location their employees have clocked in at. “We have incredible visibility over the clock in times of our staff, we know when they are taking their assigned breaks too which keeps us compliant!”

By increasing their operational visibility, Bizimply is able to help the ‘Chew on This’ brand continue identifying their key metrics for success. Ellen hasn’t stopped yet, she has plans on opening another restaurant this year in Victoria so be sure to keep an eye out!

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