In the heart of Soho’s Chinatown, YATAY pays homage to the many tokyo street food stalls known as ‘yatai’ where eating and drinking is a social experience for all, whether day or night.

Yatay have a passion for art, music, culture and culinary craftsmanship, which is not just reflected in their food and drink, urban art and soul music is what defines yatay and our studio bar zoku – soho’s little secret. Dare to step into their world, and savour premium quality japanese charcoal grill robatayaki dishes and drinks infused with their urban instinct. 

The Challenge

In the early days of the business, scheduling was a lengthy process done manually on an Excel spreadsheet; “Doing it this way was easy to control with a smaller team, but as the team started to grow, there were more complications involved which was expected.”

Along with improved Scheduling, Managers at Yatay wanted better management of employees’ holiday and unavailability requests. Before Bizimply, these were managed by jotting down the dates requested from staff, often they would be overlooked or forgotten and staff were accidentally scheduled for shifts they had requested off or were unavailable for. 

Yatay sought alternate systems and the final result of their competitive analysis was to go with Bizimply; “Then we found Bizimply, to us it showed how we could achieve more with automated business tasks and spend less time on admin to focus on our customers. ” says Lizzie


The Solution

Efficiency is a high priority for Yatay who structures all the processes and operations within the business towards ensuring customer satisfaction and experiences.

We want to put our best efforts into all areas of our business, innovations that keep our employees and customers happy is our main priority,” says Lizzie. 

Yatay predominantly uses Bizimply for monitoring staff hours and creating daily schedules for all teams. 

The automation of business processes is definitely one of the big advantages of Bizimply!”

They’ve seen huge improvements in both these areas. “Having a timestation where staff can clock in and out means that accurate hours are recorded. All staff are paid accurately for the hours worked, so neither parties lose out on money and get paid on time,” says Lizzie.  

They also use the Bizimply reports to download and analyse on a daily basis. “Bizimply allows us to identify areas for improving different areas of the business with the data reports. We also love that we are notified when staff are due training, which is extremely beneficial for continued improvement of our customer services.”

With automated processes and higher levels of efficiency at Yatay, they are now able to fully focus on business growth. 

“We wanted a user-friendly, cloud-based software that would provide us with transparency over our data. But most importantly, a software that was accurate and innovative! One that could grow with our business”. They have achieved this with Bizimply!

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