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V3 Construction Co Limited offers end-to-end client experiences with seamless communication, budgeting, staffing, on-site organisation, and solid, quality handiwork every time. They currently employ experienced and trained personnel of Site Managers, Supervisors, Fixers / Installers,  Glaziers, Fixermates and Labourers. The PROFIXER TEAM assures quality and accuracy for every project they undertake and we are delighted to have them join the Bizimply community.

The Challenge

With a growing team and working across various locations, V3 Construction Co Limited needed software that would enable their employees to clock on and off site locations; which would also reassure managers their staff were on the job and also taking their assigned breaks. It quickly became apparent as expansion continued, managing employees with paper-based timesheets and schedules was not good practice or even properly scalable for this industry type. 

Bizimply has given V3 Construction Co Limited full control over monitoring site locations and assigning teams to each location. They can use their Bizimply account to create new locations each time they acquire a new project. This user experience has completely enhanced how they manage their team and it has made it easier for them to track where each member of their staff are and at which location. Andrea said “we are a lot more proactive now and know when we have the right number of staff working on each project at each of our sites”.

The Solution

V3 Construction Co Limited are already saving time and money and incrementally adding to revenue with their new solution. “We’ve only had Bizimply for a few months so full ROI cannot be quoted, but we can definitely see savings are already showing up,” said Andrea. “The accuracy from the timesheet and when it syncs straight to the Bizimply account has increased management of our hours, projects, and shown in our audits as well.”

The flexibility of the software is also a key feature loved by V3 Construction Co Limited. Being able to access their Bizimply account from anywhere lets the firm manage scheduling, time and payroll functions right from the mobile app or on their laptops; “Whether we’re on the go, travelling to a site or in the office, Bizimply are helping us to be more accurate, accountable and productive,” Andrea said.

Employee records are another feature Andrea truly loves. Employees can update their own personal information within their own profiles, which can be done through the MyZimply app or on the desktop app. This has again saved more manual labour time for the managers so they can focus on getting other jobs done within the business. “We are glad to be saving time on doing admin, it’s a task no one ever really enjoys doing and can take away from getting more important stuff done, but now we have our staff update this information themselves which cuts out any hassle, it’s brilliant”.

With our Issues, Notes and Documents feature managers can log any work related incidents that occurred, keeping the HR team up to date. Logging notes and issues are a great way for everyone to stay up to date on what happened on each shift or if there is anything that the next person on site needs to be aware of. “Our team use notes so everyone is updated on the status of each job, it’s very convenient!”

V3 Construction Co Limited truly believes that automating their entire organisation’s processes has been a huge advantage for the business and given them a competitive edge! They are really loving the software and are excited to reap the benefits.

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