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Killeen Engineering is Ireland’s largest manufacturer of residential and commercial gates with automation. All gates are made in Ireland, guaranteed Irish and fantastic quality. 

With their new range of aluminium gates, they are the place to go if this is what you’re after.

The business is managed by father and son Des and Ben Killeen. With over 38 years of experience in the trade, Killeen Engineering is well placed to provide steel products and services to both construction and residential customers. 

We spoke with Brian Cunningham, GM at Killeen Engineering to hear more about their story with Bizimply.  

The Challenge

Before Bizimply, the team at Killeen Engineering were using an outdated paper-based system that was inefficient and prone to errors. This meant attendance hours were not being tracked effectively, and managers were unsure what time staff were clocking in and out at for their shifts. 

Previously, staff would either use the CRM tool; Salesforce or a manually written timesheet to record their hours. 

HR was all manual for the team, and one continued irritation was having no one easily accessible place to store all their documents, as everything was paper based. They used a third party software to get contracts signed, and could be waiting up to 4-5 weeks for those to be completed. 

Brian shared his headaches on Payroll; “it would take the accounts team at least 2 days to process payroll.” 

Due to the manual admin, there would be the occasional mistake, which meant more time was required to go back and fix those errors. 

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The Solution

“I was doing demos with 5 other employee management systems and none of which could solve my unique problem with tracking time and attendance. The team at Bizimply played an absolute blinder in finding a solution so that we at Killeen Engineering can operate more efficiently. It shows the flexibility of the system too.”

They were impressed by the user-friendly interface and the ability to automate their Payroll, HR and attendance tracking. The team quickly realised the benefits of having a digital system that allows them to manage their team from anywhere.

The payroll team uses Sage as their provider and can integrate this with their Bizimply account, eliminating manual entry of data.

“The payroll used to take 2 days to process and now it takes an hour and a half.”

It has saved the team significant time and staff are now paid more accurately and on time. 

Now Brian can see who has clocked in and out of each of the workshops, ensuring his staff are at the right location for their shift. 

“With the ability to capture images when our employees clock in and out, I have more confidence in the hours that were worked by staff.”

Brian can now monitor employees times and he has seen productivity improve as staff are more accurate and punctual. 

“Bizimply is very easy to be programmed and adjusted to suit the business needs whereas salesforce was very hard to use and navigate – Bizimply is a simple solution”

Still in early days of implementation, Brian shared; savings for us comes from the reduction in manpower and time to process payroll, track attendance, manage holidays requests, hr admin etc.”

 With a formal HR setup now in place, these admin tasks are being automated and improving efficiency within the workplace;

“Now we have a way to send out contracts efficiently and they can be digitally signed – it helps to keep everything in one system.”

They even have control over training, the account alerts if any training is due soon. They can also store supplier and equipment checks, and routine machine maintenance dates, keeping everything in one place; “it is a no-brainer that Bizimply is a great system.”

 “One glance of the app I know exactly where all my employees are – who’s clocked in and out. On Saturday shifts, Brian can check the app from home and make sure those supposed to be in are there. “I have gained control and confidence  from this one system – I haven’t had that transparency or control with previous softwares.”

“The implementation and training has been absolutely brilliant from start to finish. The team have been so helpful and responsive ensuring that we get the most value out of the system”

Killeen Engineering had a unique problem which could be solved with Bizimply;

“So we set up a location called ‘travel’ and then when they start driving they clock into that and when they arrive they clock out – this way travel can be tracked separately.“

They have adapted Bizimply to suit their workplace and can now accurately track travel costs for staff. 

Overall, Bizimply was a game-changer for Brian and Killeen Engineering. They have simplified their HR tasks, saved time, reduced errors, and improved their business operations. 

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