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Peoplebank, an award-winning Applicant Tracking System, wanted to enhance the user experience and empower recruiters with the very best candidate data while helping them manage their workforce. It was imperative that Peoplebank was able to find a solution that would not disrupt its clients’ user experience, or consume a lot of resources.

The Lund Institute in Sweden examined the issue of multiple system use and conclude: 

“Fewer is better than many, but one might be too few.” 

In essence, choosing an operations technology platform built on software that’s best-of-class for your needs can be a great choice, but only as long as it can also tie into a shared enterprise business and automation platform, which in this case, it does. 

Reaping the benefits of API

The  API strategy adoption involves a complete solution that takes care of a business’ entire end to end recruitment process so they can attract and hire to have the right people in the right place at the right time. Combined with the workforce software, the tailor made best-in-class solution enables them to meet needs and budget.

CFO, Tim Cundy of Monty Accounting Solutions Openhouse London/Pantechnicon/Boxcar/Dining Theory; “Apart from ensuring the very best ROI, the key criteria in selecting the best-in-class for the tech stack was that every element should simplify a process or workflow for all the key stakeholders in the business“ 

One of the most recent openings; Pantechnicon have made use of the in-depth functionality of Bizimply’s Operations Suite, giving them the vision to make the right decisions proving that choosing this platform built on software that’s best-in-class for your needs is a great choice. “We have simple and easy to use tools that save us time, allowing us to focus even more on our customers”, Brett Murray, Operations Director at Pantechnicon Openhouse London/Boxcar/Dining Theory

With a customisable Human Resource platform, OpenHouse can continuously respond to unique people management needs which simplify employee management and ensure compliance.

“Our ATS from Peoplebank integrates very tightly with Bizimply’s HR module automating the recruitment, hiring and onboarding process seamlessly” Charlotte Huynh Head of People at OpenHouse London /Pantechnicon/Boxcar/Dining Theory. 

The integration provides a heightened level of agility across operations and the overall manufacturing enterprise, proving that a best-in-class approach will better position your organisation to adapt faster and more effectively. 

With both the technical skills needed to support a best-in-class approach, as well as the ability to plug in new best-in-class solutions that might quickly evolve during today’s environment and beyond, it has enabled these organisations to react faster and thrive.

With a best-in-class approach, you have the convenience of being able to take care of a whole business’s operations under a single software system which these businesses’ has proficiently achieved. 

“There are several platforms that claim to be able to service all of your tech needs from POS, to labour, to inventory, to forecasting. The issue here is that even more so than individual systems, they have to spread themselves too thin which unfortunately gives you mediocre functionality in particular when it comes to reporting & insights.” Christian Mouysset

CEO Tenzo

Conor Shaw, CEO at Bizimply is;

 “Delighted to be working with Peoplebank; the combination of these two solutions makes for a compelling offer and will make a huge difference to business processes”

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