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ReZz is Cork’s first micro-sleeper hotel, offering cool design and compact accommodation at bargain prices. It is the first in a series of hotels under the REZz brand, created by Ray Byrne and his business partner Eoin Doyle, who also own the Eccles Hotel in West Cork. With their industrial aesthetic and years of experience in the industry, the ReZz team knew they required software that would help with their successes and plans to build more of these funky hotels throughout the country, so this is when they turned to Bizimply! REZz is suited to the type of traveller who wants funky, accessible modern accommodation that provides what they need without wasting their money on things they don’t require, we’ll definitely be checking it out. 

With nothing but great reviews, ReZz have experienced an incredible first few months of opening. After 6 weeks of using Bizimply the team went from spending up to 30 hours per month on rostering and scheduling to 5. That’s 24 more hours to focus on ensuring amazing guest experiences.

The Challenge

ReZz uses Bizimply to split up the different departments within their location; Front Office, Bar, Night shifts and use their Bizimply account to schedule accordingly. Before Bizimply, they found it quite difficult and a time consuming process to schedule the different departments as some staff were shared across sections and managing these on an Excel sheet often led to confusion.  They also struggled with managing time off of employees as they had no formal process in place for staff to put in their time off requests, therefore a clear view of who had booked time off was not available to the manager drawing up the schedules. 

ReZz spent too much time when it came to timecards and payroll. They were relying on staff to communicate the hours they had worked, which again was using up precious time to message staff, waiting for their response to then gathering these hours to send to the accounts team. As you can imagine this could have taken several hours to even days waiting on a reply from all employees. 

rezz hotel cork

The Solution

It didn’t take long for the ReZz team to start noticing positive changes since Bizimply was implemented. It of course helped as one of the team members had experience of Bizimply before; 

“I’ve used Bizimply before in my previous job, when I came here I went straight to the owner about the benefits it brings to the company. It is extremely user-friendly, I just love it.” says Helio. 

The scheduling tool has immensely helped efficiency in creating schedules and even communicating with staff. As both owners of ReZz have huge plans for expansion and opening of more locations, they knew that having such a convenient tool that improves the processes and productivity of their business would help with their future plans. 

The ReZz team were able to reiterate how Bizimply has allowed them to focus more on their guests, improving the overall experience for customers. “With a tool like Bizimply, it has allowed for smoother workflows across the teams, we can all see the daily task lists that have been assigned and working together efficiently allows us to get these done”. 

With the hotel industry, especially in seasonal peaks, getting all tasks completed can be a challenge in itself. It doesn’t have to be that way and implementing a workforce management software can take the pressure off!

“The scheduling feature allows us to schedule teams with a range of skill sets, this concept of smarter scheduling has led to our staff being extra attentive to our guests and this has been proven through our loving reviews, we are over the moon.”

Helio shares; “Just imagine, it’s peak time and it’s hectic, you haven’t had a chance to get the schedule done for next week and you don’t want unhappy staff because they have social plans to make. What would have taken a few hours to go and get done, now only takes me 30 minutes, so it’s just about finding 30 minutes on that hectic day, logging onto Bizimply  to go and get it done. That’s one more job off the list!”

What does the future look like for ReZz? With expansion of four more hotels under the REZz brand, one in Kilkenny which has planning permission and two in Dublin City, it’s all go for the ReZz team! As well as a 58-bed hotel at the site of the former National Irish Bank on South Mall, which he intends to proceed with very soon. We are delighted to have them onboard the Bizimply community to make every shift run like clockwork!

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